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It feels so great to be going Premium Again! another year at Wealthy Affiliate is truly Amazing as there are so many exciting things ahead Gods will. I have learnt so much since joining Wealthy Affiliate especially going premium. Wealthy Affiliate has the best training on the planet when it comes to this line of work and what they offer is worth every penny because you get so much. Thanks Kyle and Carson.
July 18, 2019
Hello my WA Family! I am back, thanks so much for your kind words and prayers we laid our son to rest this Saturday pass. It was so hard to see my wife as she laid over his coffin crying not wanting to let go but the good news is that he has gone on to a better place.After being away for two weeks planning my our son's funeral its time for me to get back in to the swing of things so please continue to keep both my family and I in prayer as we seek to adjust to life without him. Thanks again my
Hello my family it is with great sadness that I write to you. My son was murdered yesterday at 10:00 pm. We did all that we could to help him but sad to say he choose to run with the wrong crowd and was gun down. He died on his brothers birthday.Parents and garduiance continue to pray and talk to your children to stear them in the right direction I know that they have a mind of their own and will make their choices but after you know you have don all that you can their is nothing to feel bad.He
December 23, 2017
Hello again my people it feels so great to be once again among the top 200, it has been quit a while since I have been here and I am so happy. It is so good to see when other members make it here even if that means I get knocked out of the top 200 because it only goes to show that we have a lot of active members here seeking to help each other and that is pretty awesome.Wealthy Affiliate is such and awesome place and I have made so much good friends here at the community. let us continue to wor
December 07, 2017
Hello everyone hope all of you are doing well. I am sure that some of you have seen me around the community helping where I can and I must say my journey here at wealthy affiliate have cause me to connect with awesome persons like yourself.When I first started here back on October 6 2015 I must say I did not know much about computers and I also did not know anything about building websites or affiliate marketing and anything that had to do with starting a successful online business. All I had w
September 06, 2017
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family, I am writing to let you know that we here in the Bahamas is about to face one of the most dangerous hurricane that have been recorded in history with winds of up to 185 mph.This is a dangerous hurricane it is a category 5. Power outage and internet services will be disrupted, many persons have already been evacuated as we continue to prepare for this hurricane.So you will not be hearing from me until everything is back to normal God's will. Please do keep us i
November 09, 2016
Hello my good people, at the time I am writing this post I am battling the flu my computers are acting crazy but I must tell my story. I can't believe that a year has come and gone so fast my how time flies. When I first join Wealthy affiliate I had no knowledge about how to bulid a website, write blogs or affiliat marketing, and here I am over a year later doing all of that and still going strong.I must say that in the beggining it was not easy because all of this stuff was new to me, now I
June 08, 2016
Since I started my training here at wealthy affiliate 9 months ago, can you believe it i can't believe that 9 months have come and gone so fast. I have learned a whole lot, never knew anything about building a websites or affiliate marketing and how it works. But thanks to Kyle, Carson and you my family here at wealthy affiliate i can almost see the finish line. It have not been easy feeling overwhelm or even loss at times but every time i asked a question you where there to help me and for th
good day i need your help for the past three weeks i have been trying to arrange my post page in the order that i would like them to appear on my website but have no success i have watch the video in this course over and over and over and over again but still don't understand is there and easier way for me to accomplish this need you help greatly waiting on and answer or answers thanks
November 19, 2015
Good evening is there a way for me to arrange my post pages so when i go on my website it will be in the order that i want them to be.And my links are not working every time i try to open them up nothing happens what an i do to correct this need help thanks.