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Yippe!! Another level completed and one more badge earned. Surely learning more and more things by taking this time to go through the Entrepreneur Certification Course.Many more hurdles to cross but Knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel surely gives one the strength to keep moving forward.Cheers...
July 29, 2020
Wow! Can't believe that after two years of postponing, I am finally able to get through the first lessons on Entrepreneur Certification.Started this journey with no knowledge of what affiliate marketing is all about and decided to go with the Bootcamp lessons and stuck with it ever since promoting Wealthy Affiliate.But I have always had in mind to also go through the OEC lessons but never had the time to do this.But now, with everything going on in our world today and kids closed from school, I
December 31, 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR MY WONDERFUL WA FAMILY!!!!!!!Let's all drink to our good Health and Wonderful and fulfilling Life ahead of us.Cheers Y'All
December 25, 2019
This is wishing Us All a wonderful, warm and pleasant Xmass and a Prosperous New Year.. I am so Blessed to be a part of this Amazing Family.Cheers to ya'll..
December 05, 2019
I am grateful for this community and especially the owners Kyle And Carson.I wonder where we would have been today in our pursuit for financial breakthrough if not for Wealthy Affiliate and all that it holds.I wonder where we would have been today if Kyle and Carson where simply driven by the desire to just make money off people like most MMO products are.I wonder where we would have been today if Wealthy Affiliate where all Upsells and limited access.Over a year ago I stumbled upon this platf
Guys! I am going bunkers here! For ages, when I take a peep at Jaxxy ranking for some of my keywords and don't see anything, I just get discouraged and so I stopped checking it for a long while now and decided to just continue doing my thing.Awhile ago I was just going through my Analytic, as I have been having some issues lately, while browsing through (not that I know what I am doing there most of the time) I just thought to check out some keyword positions and even though I do not understand
November 04, 2018
This post is just to encourage those of Us who still haven't come around to using SiteComment or still in doubt of it's usefulness.Through this past week, three of my posts that were recently published and fetched for hasn't been indexed by google, and I must confess, it get's really discouraging publishing posts and not getting those indexing😪.Yestaday, I remebered reading a post from one of Our members' on how SiteComment can help boost activities on Our Sites even if we are not publi
July 31, 2018
Hi guys! Just want to wish you all a Productive new month!As this day marks the first day in the month of August, so does it mark a new beginning for us in lots of aspects in our lives. What ever your goals/aspirations for these month are, just believe that with a little more faith, a little more patience, a little more persistence and some what more hardwork, and a lot less doubts, and less fears, you will surely achieve them.May we all have a happy and blessed days moving forward.
July 26, 2018
Hi guys! Hope we all are having a great sunny summer! Left for me, i did be vacationing somewhere far from home in some nice well tendered beach... "if only wishes were horses"So i had this experience i wanted to share with you guys as it has left me wondering more at this almighty google!Usually i publish my posts through sitecontent and then edit in wordpress to add the neccesary images and links and all formating that needs to be done.So a few days ago, i published a post and edited in wordp
ITS VALENTINE'S DAY AGAIN!! A time we all go out of our way to show not just love. But extra..extra..extra love to the ones we love and hold dear to our hearts, be it our spouses;partners/civil partners,parents;mums/dads,siblings;brothers/sisters, aunties,uncles,cousins,nephews,nieces,friends and even our PETS!! huh! Did you just say pets?! Yea.. i did, some of us will go over the moon just to show them how much we love them. So this day i want to challenge/ encourage us to try and step out of