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My name's Tom, I live in good 'ol NJ and have for all my life... so far anyway. I'm 29 and I will throw a pic up of myself as soon as I can figure out why I'm getting an error when I try to do so.

I've been playing around with starting up my own businesses for years now. MLM, gifting, pyramid, ponzi, real estate and practically every other scheme you could think of to make a lot of money without having to answer to a boss. I've been on the net for a few years now as well and tried a lot here too - 1up, 2 up programs, 'turn-key' websites etc.

I guess I've realized the only way I will really succeed in the long-run is by having a passion for what I do (& not just to make a quick buck) and learn every aspect of it as much as I can and keep movin

Marketing is a skill and I'm here to learn it, apply it and do very well for myself. Good thing because I don't work very well with 'bosses' or so called authority so I don't have much of a choice but to succeed.

I'm very active, love my martial arts, working out, eastern philosophy, meditation, playing sports, nature and travel which is one of my passions that I cannot Really do with a 9-5 job.... 2-3 weeks vacation does not cut it for me.

I have set some great goals for myself & am determined to accomplish them all. I have decided that I will be a millionaire, actually I feel I already am, I just have not manifested it on a '3-D' level yet, but I have the mind-set so really the hardest part is done. IM is my path to create this.

I love meeting new people and talking about almost anything including of course Internet Marketing so everybody please feel free to drop me a line, be a buddy and say hi.


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