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Hello everyoneIts a big surprise my 7th article got indexed in 24hrs.How is it possible?Answer is WA community and training.How WA community?Threre was an article "it is NOT All About SEO"posted by Ferra. article explained how to get our article indexed by google on same day.The best thing was she gave a link of jay"s training. just followed the training by jay and did
May 26, 2020
Hi everyoneFinally Google indexed my 2 articles.i was waiting since 3 days for two of my articles to get here i am with my two articles indexed on google and i checked on google anayltics where i saw traffic from usa on my website.i was waiting for one but google surprised me by indexing two articles.i am waiting for the 3rd article which i posted yesterday.cheersNilesh
Hi everyonei am on my last lesson of Level 2after posting this blog i would be starting with Level 3This 18 days have gone Tough because i was new and learning.specially the website part was difficult for me.i was not able to decide on theme.there were so many themes to choose i was overwhelmed and confused so i decided to ask community.they helped me deciding my website is live and one of my post " about me "is indexed on googlei have already published one article related to my Niche
hello everyoneAfter going back and forth i could finish my level 1 training.i am feeling excited about this achievement.but this is just begining.Designing my website was difficult for me.i asked questions to community about which theme is best for my website.finally i decided on generate pressthanks to marc and also kyle for guiding me for deciding my theme.finally lots more do be done.thank you everyone for your attention.cheersNilesh
i am excited and happy for getting my domain name and my website for my selected was difficult to narrow down the niche but Kyle's lesson on niche made my decession faster.i want to thank Kyle for this wonderful lesson which is easy to understand and execute.yes i am on my way to start building my website.
I had joined a mastery class with someone on affiliate marketing.Name I don't want to disclose.In the beginning it was very nice I got motivated I set my goals as guide by them and then I joined the Facebook community.Invested more than 7 to 8 hours everyday listening to the modules.i did my research for my niche. I got the niche short listed and also the the final part to get a domain name and start my website.I was about to register my domain name.something clicked into my mind
i'm very excited for just one reason that is i have entire community with helping hands and suggestion.blessed having like minded people who want to see each one of us succed and achieve our goals.want to start building my website.