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January 22, 2019
When l first started WA l was very excited. l was a litte taken back with all the writting l had to do, but l digress. The first lessons opened my eyes to different things, l started learning, then l started getting involved with the community and they truly helped me with the things l couldn't figure out and that was wonderful. Unfortunately l'm finding myself having problems again with all of the social media training that l'm supposed to be doing so l feel stuck. People have tried to help, b
December 28, 2018
Well I've been here at WA for a few weeks now and if I told you l'm doing great at this I'd be lying. What I can say is that I do feel that I am improving but there is still so much that I don't know and it drives me crazy. My niche is cosmetics/makeup so it is crucial that I get links from Amazon on to my pages (I became an affiliate) but I haven't figured out how that works so that is quite a bit frustrating. I am proud of myself for the post that I have written, who knew I could write. But I