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I am happy to see I've earned a badge for dedication. I know it's not money but to me it means alot because many things I begin, I end up quitting without giving it a chance. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate awhile back way before the date states here but I quit. I wasn't earning money right away and because of that I quit. I didn't look at the whole picture.Looking at the whole picture I believe, is what we need to do if we want to succeed. We can't look at things now, we must have goals and re
September 16, 2019
I just wanted to give everybody an update on my status thus far at Wealthy Affiliate. I have created two websites to promote clickbank products. One website is educational, the other is about relationships. I chose these because I was thinking they would help people and there should be a huge demand in these niches.So far I am having no luck but, I am not giving up at all. I know it takes time and persistence. I did read on someone else's blog not too long ago that he was also having trouble wi
I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone. I just received a notification that my website is indexed in Google. I am very happy, it was a great notification to receive. I look forward for more to come. I will let you know when my posts end up on the first page of Google.I am doing the best I can do and hope 6 months from now I can live a life of more freedom rather than working my butt off every single day and feeling that I’m not getting ahead in life. I am believing in myself
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I wasn't too sure on what type of website I was going to create. I wanted to create a website that I will earn an online income from but at the same time I wanted a meaningful website. It took me awhile, in fact it took me months to finally come up with a good niche in my eyes. I decided to create a website devoted to helping people save their marriages. These days marriages aren't what they used to be and it's sad to see. People just aren't as serious as they us