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February 04, 2016
Well its official 2 of 3 of my websites are ranked on 1st page of google. Grant it, it takes them to my google plus account and then they click to site. But no matter what its there.It makes me feel good knowing that what I am working so hard on is finally showing. Off all 3 sites I am averaging 35 hits a day. Not bad. They are clicking thru all of my affiliate links. Each site has its on affiliate.Words can't describe. Now this goes to show you that Kyle and them (as well as others) know what
January 31, 2016
I got my 1st view today. wow is all I can say. I have had my first hit session on my site. The session last 42 minutes per google analytics. That has put me over the moon. Now I am just waiting on more. I have been following training materials and videos. So at least I have one site on the map. All I can do is move up from here.I am also looking for others to swap site comments with to help with google indexing.