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September 29, 2015
I have been away from my site for about 2 months now and I am starting to trickle back. My site has had a difficult start with few visitors. But I am back now and will begin to start writing content shortly. Hopefully, this new start will generate interest int he site and thus revenues I most certainly can use.Whilst I was away I have been working on my consultancy business and with that I created a new website which will hopefully drive some business my way. Take a
August 06, 2015
Today I completed 4 months with WA. I was quick to build a site and secure affiliates and unfortunately the site never achieved the rankings I was hoping for. I was very active in WA participating in Q&A with community members and then I stopped.Why? Well, I was hoping to build up revenue from the site over time but the real world quickly kicked in. The need for real money became a reality I could no longer ignore so I went back to doing consulting. Doing this has taken up all my time as pro
June 22, 2015
Annually I get together with a bunch of buddies to head off to golf for a 3 day weekend. This year I was able to attend whereas the past couple of years I suffered with a very bad back. All I can say is what a weekend.First off the weather could not have been more perfect. Sunday there was a threat of thundershowers but the powers that be looked down on us with a forgiving eye and the weather held off until we completed our round.The accommodations were terrific. A rustic cabin/chalet with 10 be
After building out my website and seeing the power of the Premium membership I have now committed to a yearly membership to continue to grow my website business and to learn all there is to know.
April 09, 2015
So I am now a Premium member. I find this whole aspect very interesting and to be truthful somewhat hard to believe. But that is my doubting Thomas side speaking. I truly hope by following the trainings and answers I get when stuck I will achieve what I believe will be a nest egg for my retirement. So once again hi everyone and I sure hope summer comes soon, it's freezing here in Montreal, Canada