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In my recent blog on Making Your Site more Beautiful, I gave a number of tips to WA members to improve their sites and blogs. A number of WA members approached me with their requests to review their sites and give them honest ✍️ feedback. One thing that struck me was the lack of effective Calls to Action (CTA). Without CTAs, many WA members struggle to get any conversions even when their site content is great and the traffic numbes are good. In a number of cases, I suggested to int
You have probably heard of the Ulysses Pact already. Basically, it is an ancient motivational technique that comes from the Homer's Odyssey, in which the hero Ulysses must sail pas the Sirens - beautiful women who enchant people with their captivating singing. Anyone who hears their voice ceases to act rationally and will do nothing but listen to the sirens' singing and eventually die. Odyssey was warned about it, yet he desperately wanted to hear the singing of syrens. He plug his crews' ears
Since the publication of my recent post on creating beautiful sites, a number of WA members asked me if a black background would work for their sites. Although there is no definite answer to this question, I came up with the following three observations which I would like to share with you.1. Black is beautiful 🌹🌹🌹If your site oriented towards arts, design, fashion, movies or mystery scene, black might be the right fit for you. One of the main drivers for the choise of t
It's 6 months already! Unbelievable! I still remember the day when I decided to try Wealthy Affiliate after a number of fledgling attempts to find the right affiliate marketing network. During my time at WA, I had a number of ups and downs. On balance, it has been mostly ups. I have reached a WA rank of 45, and one of my recent posts has made it to the number 1 of Top Posts! Just in case you have not seen it, here is the link 3 Easy Ways to make Your Site more Beautiful! After 6 months, I would
This is going to be a super brief post. I just would like to SHARE my absolute JOY and GRATITUDE with all of you for having commented and liked my posts. Following the publication of my last post on 3 Ways to Make Your Site More Beautiful, attracting over 200 comments and in excess of 100 likes, my rating has literally SKYROCKETED 🚀 🚀🚀🚀🚀. I wanted to share 3 MAGIC THINGS that happened to me at WA to date.1. Site Review RequestsA number of WA members have
After I reached Top 100, I started receiving some PMs from WA members asking for my opinion about their websites. Since MY MOTTO is " HAPPY TO HELP!!!", I always review the requests (for free) and give my honest opinion. I will keep this post very simple and keep my observations to three broad areas. Please do not read this post as a criticism. I also make the same or very similar mistakes. My goal is to help you build even more beautiful sites!1. No brandingI am surprised how many sites leave
After I published my latest post on Reaching Your Goals, I noticed that my WA network has reached exactly 1k!!!I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for following and supporting me! 📢📢📢 🚀🚀🚀YOU are AMAZING 🚀🚀🚀 This is hugely motivating and keeps me going!Have a great week ahead!!!🌟Nellya
In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about setting your SMART goals. If you have not read it, you can find my post here 5 Rules for Setting SMART Goals . Today, I will share with you ONE very EFFECTIVE method which will help you to reach ANY GOAL that you might have!Before I delve into this, let me review some of the reasons why we fail to achieve our goals.1. We abandon our projectsAll of us had multiple projects which we abandoned mid-way or even toward the end. There could be many reasons for
Wow! What a pleasant surprise! After checking my WA account, I discovered that I am among top 100 WA members as of today! This is a rather amazing achievement given that my network is not yet even 1000, and that I am not a big blogger either (14 posts including this one). To anyone wondering how to make it to TOP 100 in 3 SUPER EASY steps, read on.Step #1. Be Nice To PeopleThe only reason I am in Top 100 is because WA members responded to my comments, liked my posts and interacted with me in a
During my 6 months of WA membership, I have read a number of sorry stories about scams which cost some WA members dearly. Most of scams were related to so-called high-ticket affiliate marketing schemes, which can be defined as tickets exceeding $1000. What surprised me is the frequency of such scams and the number of affected victims. I wanted to understand why people are attacted to such scams, and how to spot and avoid them. After some background checks and research, I noticed the following 3