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Howdy, WA'ers!It's been such a long time since my last community post. But since I have 2 bits of good news (and after reading Christina's April update), I just had to share the wealth!First up, this has been my BEST month so far with the WA Affiliate Bootcamp - starter referral-wise.The results over the last 30 days (April - May 2020):Slap a yearly sale from March on top, and you've got a tasty $300+ in commissions!Which, in my opinion, isn't bad going considering my old bootcamp blog rarely r
Happy New Year, WA'ers. Hope you all had a good en!I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.The countdown to Vegas 2020 has officially begun for me today with 299 WA Premium referrals to go.I was disappointed that I didn't make this year's SWAG/SAC 4-day trip. :(But I start the new year off strong with 300 blog articles under my belt and the determination to qualify for the 300 sales (or as close to the 3,000 mark as possible) needed for the next trip.Who else is pumped and working towards Vegas 202
Well, my friend, that time is upon us once again - that time when folks go spend-crazy...YUP, you guessed it... Black Friday! ;)So today, I have an incredible Black Friday deal from Wealthy Affiliate, that's gonna be a life-changer throughout 2019 and onward for YOU!For just $299 per year, WA will provide you with EVERYTHING you require for creating a highly lucrative "Affiliate Marketing" Biz based around your hobby or passion.Whether you're a total noob with ZERO Internet Marketing skills, a
Hi guys n' gals!After 12 months of putting ALL my effort into a Bootcamp blog, I'm actually disappointed by the lack of results.I don't mean to sound too negative lol, but I envisioned reaching the 12-month mark with a decent amount of traffic and a part-time income to be proud of.Up to this point, I've managed just 4 premium WA referrals, 0 NON-WA free/paid Jaaxy referrals, and very little to show from another affiliate program.With now over 260 posts after 12 months, all I'm getting is less t
Hey, guys n' gals!Yesterday, marked the 9-month journey of my WA Bootcamp blog.And although nothing spectacular has happened yet, I've made a small amount of money via new sales since my last update.Oh, and now 295 sales to go until Vegas!!Here are the results over the last 3 months:May 5TH 2018 (7 Months):I kinda forgot to screenshot the blog results (lol), but I published 190 posts up until this point.Google Console Report For April 5TH - May 5TH:WA Referrals/Income for April 5TH - May 5TH:==
Yesterday, I tried to join the Chris Farrell Membership affiliate program via the Deal Guardian affiliate marketplace but got this message:So I emailed the CFM support to find out what was happening and they told me that Deal Guardian is scheduled to close down later this year and isn't accepting new applicants.As for CFM, Chris is still searching for a new network provider for his affiliate program but he doesn't know WHEN or IF he will reactivate his program.If you're promoting products from
Today, marks a big milestone for my SWAG Bootcamp Blog.Within 7 months and exactly 19 days, I've published 200 posts and got over 2,000 comments. Hell Yeah!!The site contains a mixture of brand new posts and content re-written from my old site. The same applies to comments - there are many new ones and some old edited to reflect the updated reviews. (I put that much time and effort into SiteComments over the months, that I've earned position 2 as one of the top commenters) lol.Plus images had t
Hello, guys n' gals!Greetings from sunny Ye Olde England! I was gonna share this update yesterday, but I was busy celebrating the Royal Wedding along with most of the UK. You know how it is. ;)Actually, this progress report is more than a month overdue because I've been so busy with my Bootcamp blog.I must admit, the 6-month mark was a disappointment because I expected a breakthrough around the 4 or 5-month mark, which never happened. :(But on a positive note, a handful of reviews are on page 1
After 3 failed WA Bootcamp websites (YES, 3!!!) over the last few years due to numerous website mistakes that had negative impacts on Google rankings, I'm giving it a 4th shot with a brand new Bootcamp website that I started in October 2017.But having said that, I am still earning some recurring income from the old sites, so not all hard work went to waste.During the first 12 months of building out the new site, I will be sharing quarterly progress reports to help motivate and inspire you with
YAY, I have just reached my very first $1,000 milestone with an affiliate program that I only started promoting products for on my blog during May 2017.And the commissions have been generated from one-off sales.So, for those of you who are just starting out, who are yet to earn that first $1 or who are earning a few dollars here n' there, this "make money online" thing really does work.When you follow the training at WA and write reviews on products that generate traffic and are in demand, you