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September 30, 2018
Hi, everyone, I have completed my whole course. I know it has taken me a long time. It is due to my wife has been unwell and myself. But I am ok now and my wife is doing ok. I wish to thank those of you that helped me during the course and give me a good advice and I hope you have a good week and I will talk to you soon.Kind regards Nick.
September 10, 2018
Hey due to my wife just been diagnosed with womb cancer and cause of that and stress about earning money that I havnt achieved yet I had a mini stroke recently and so I can't do anything with wealthy affiliate at the moment so bear with me my friends if I don't answer your messages it's because I'm either at the doctor or hospital for myself or my wife thankyou for your understanding take care everyone speak soon.Kind regardsNick.
A non success to a good success.I have not got to a great start with my business I've had loads and loads of clicks on amazon, EBay, and iTunes but no sales.But fortunately I found a friend on my Facebook and he has signed me up to doing product reviews and I get paid for it and keep the products so I'm happy about that.Now I can sell the products through online companies to make some profit so look forward to start earning as I have made one sale.So guys things don't work well but other things
June 22, 2018
Hey everyone I wanted to blog about my progress and basically today have had two publishing companies have contacted me and they both want to publish my website and help advertise etc and they will help other things as well so things looking up plus I've had over 1000 reactions on my Facebook pages so all looking good am please with myself and hope to start earning soon and have a steady income asap that's it for now folks have a good weekend everyone stay safe talk soon.Best Nick.
June 10, 2018
Hi, everyone, I am nick. I am giving you an update on my progress. So far I am on level 4 course and hope to get my website completed soon. It is called I have set up home menu, widgets, all social media sites, comments, ads and I have made it as easy as just click to get an access to communicate with me or purchase muscial equipments from Amazon and Ebay. I am confident of my website is competitive in the marketing by saving your every second of clicking on-line to fin
May 13, 2018
woo hoo im nicholas and i wanted to say thankyou to my followers for helping me get to level two episode 10 i feel quite proud of mysef for getting how far ive got and i believe if you stick to this program and complete all the training and determination you will succeed and do really well with your online business so keep it up the good work all the best to everyone here at wealthy affilliate take care talk regardsnick