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June 21, 2020
Hello Everyone,How are you doing? I hope well.I just finished reading a great little Law of Attraction ebook/report and would love to share it with everyone. It is an easy read and simple to understand. I find it refreshing and a simple reminder that there is abundance everywhere and life hinges on 3 little words...ask, believe, receive.Have a read and enjoy your reflection.LINK: Mastering The Law of AttractionEnjoy and have a great week ahead!NamasteMichelle
Hello Everyone,I hope you are all ready for the weekend.Soooooh, I have this brilliant idea...and I would love all other brilliant minds to join me.Here is my idea:For those of us who have dipped our toes into starting a YouTube Channel, why not support each other along the way?Here are the 'rules of the game':Must have a YouTube channel (if you don't you can still support us until you create your own)Be willing to watch 3-5 minutes of any video on a channelLeave a positive feedback/comment lon
Hello everyone, hope you are all doing fabulous.This article is to laugh at my ignorance and to empower others.So, yesterday, my girlfriend ended her text message with - 'Have a great weekend and I am so looking forward to my Juneteenth day.' Now, in my mind, I had no clue that such a word - Juneteenth - existed, much less to mean something. I thought she was just being her usual comical self and just misspelling words as she usually does.However, I had to delve into some research on the word..
Happy New Day Everyone!Hope all is well. Just wanted to share a sentence that resonated with me and I am SURE it will find correlation in your heart of hearts.'Who you are today does not dictate who you have to be tomorrow.'Isn't this beautiful?You are the ONLY one who can and will determine the OUTCOME of YOU - remember that.I wish you another wonderful day of CHOICE and COMMITMENT to the cause of YOU!NamasteMichelle
Good day to everyone,I hope you are doing well. Just thought I would share some simple yet effective tips with you when it comes to engaging on social media - the way of the world today!TIPSShare a quote or even a personal storyShare a joke - graphics or textHost a #AMA - ask me anything - sessionGo behind the scenesRemind people who you are, how you got startedTell people what you sellPost a 'how to tutorial'Host a poll or giveway - physical or digital productShare you fave bookAsk for recomme
Hey there Guys 'n Dolls! Here's hoping that you are doing well and taking things one moment at a time...this is all we have!So, just want to weigh in with my latest 'best friend'...a FREE tool.I currently use Loom, Screencastomatic to create my videos. Well, I ran across this FREE video online tool...LINK: (this is NOT and affiliate link)It is run by APPS123.What I LOVE about this free tool:no ads45 mins of recording timeeasy to useyou can also do a voice reco
April 29, 2020
Hey there Community!I hope you are all doing well and living your best life...even under the current times. FOR SURE, I know MOST of us are ONLINE!!So, had to share with you today what i just found out. I have made 1,000,000 views on Quora and I am PSYCHED!!I don't know if you are familiar with Quora, here is a link where I talk about it.This is a short article.Just wanted to share my happiness. I just won the MILLION VIEWS ON QUORA Lottery. And if nothing else, it makes me feel good and I am s
Hey everyone,Found this CNBC video on the origin of the COVID19 virus. Interesting to watch.LINK - Origin of the virus.Just wanted to share this with everyone. My girlfriend who lives here in Belgium sent this to me. Please read and act accordingly. Remember this is information I was given, not yet thoroughly researched to 'reflect FACTS as the world knows it'.FYIThis info is from my friend that works for CDC that passed this along to his family and friends. I'm passing it along as well. The ne
Good day dear peeps...Hope your week is going awesome.So, I was busy writing when I noticed something because my computer was loading slowly...check this out:Well, I had no idea how much I write, wrote, am wouldn't it be GRAND if these words were transmuted into HARD CASH??? And then, how does ONE MILLION sound? GREAT!!SO, now I am curious to see how close I get to one million words by the end of 2020. I am excited.How are you doing? Do you ever look at these stats?Have
February 03, 2020
Hello wonderful people!I just stopped by to pique your curiosity and make you uncomfortable...yes, you heard me correctly...uncomfortable.The current book I am reading is certainly 'shaking my inner thoughts' a lot...and I am learning and growing and decided to pass this on to those I care about - YOU!SO, here is the question we ALL need to ask ourselves- 'What's the one thing that I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?'A lot of times (I plead 'guilty' her