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April 17, 2017
The term Law of Life came about in 1952 when author Farley Mowat wrote the book People of the deer ( Which I admit I haven't read ). It is a ( universal system of various natural principles ) it's a physical law we all follow. I'm sure every one of us has heard about the Law of Attraction and how it works in our daily lives. Well, there are a few more laws we live by but probably don't know they have a name. Take for instance ...The Law of Regularity It means that if something happens once it's
April 14, 2017
I was doing a little more reading on the subject of foods that resemble different body parts. Actually the concept has been around since ancient times. The term " Doctrine of Signatures " was first used in the Renaissance period between 1493 and 1541. Simply stated if a food looks like a body part then it usually has a healing quality to it for that body part. So in essence you are what you eat. So eat well!Every whole food has a pattern. The pattern in turn resembles a body part. Another term
April 11, 2017
Success and happiness go hand in hand. It means something different to all of us and actually at different stages of our lives success and happiness can mean something totally different to even us. It's a journey we all take and how we go about that journey determines our happiness. It's so easy to become tangled in past fears and negativity. Let go of them, they just keep you stagnant. Forgive and forget past hurts. No oh poor me, why does it always happen to me? It's your choice to be happy o
April 08, 2017
Tomorrow is April 9, we will be commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the British lead capture of Vimy Ridge from the Germans. It turned out to be one of the bloodiest encounters of WW1. I was going to say celebrate but stopped myself because there is no celebrating war of any kind. Vimy Ridge was part of the Battle of Arres, Nord-Pas-de-Calis, France. John Kay said " We do not celebrate the victory or the loss of life... We remember the sacrifice".In the early morning of Easter Monday,
April 04, 2017
Ancient peoples of Mesoamerica were the first to cultivate the cacao trees that grew wild in the tropical rainforests of Central America. It was home to the Olmec, Aztec, and Mayan cultures. The area around the equator had just the right conditions for the cacao trees to grow and flourish. The use of chocolate has been dated to around 1400 BC in Honduras where evidence was found in numerous urns and vessels containing the residue of chocolate. The Mesoamerican people roasted, fermented and made
April 01, 2017
Here is just a little trivia I picked up in my travels.Did you know that a new born baby can drink and breath at the same time until they are 7 months old?Our brains can generate more electricity impulses in a day than all the telephones around the world combined. ( I just can't fathom that.)There is enough carbon in our bodies to make 900 pencils.During an average life time the human heart pumps 182 million litres of blood.Women's hearts beat faster than mens.The length of all the vessels in y
The first theory I found on the discovery of glass was the result of an accident. It was recorded by Plimy the elder in the first century. Plimy was a historian and writer. The theory goes that Natron merchants sailing up the Palestine coast plying their wares stopped at the mouth of the Belus River near Ptolemais. They landed on shore to prepare their evening meal and found they could not find enough large stones to hold the cooking pots up off the fire so they used some pieces of Natron. The
These days we know bicarbonate of soda as baking soda. We buy it in a small box or container at the grocery store. It has a multitude of uses. One of the most common uses for it is in the baking process.Its long history is very colourful. In the past it has been used for countless applications. The strangest of these uses was applied by the Ancient Egyptians in the process they used to protect and preserve their mummies. They used a substance called Natron. Natron is a combination of Sodium Bic
You've heard the statement " Join us, You can get rich quick ". We all know at this point in Wealthy Affiliates thats not going to happen. Anything that is worthwhile takes time. It's going to take years, it's not an overnight thing and there isn't a magical formula.It's not always the end destination thats important. It's the journey in getting there that matters. No one said it's going to be easy. It's going to take hard work. Along the way you're going to experience personal growth, you'll l
February 20, 2017
There is a good chance everyone hasn't heard of Glyphosate but you've more than likely heard of the corporation Monsanto's weed killer "Roundup". The two are one in the same.Glyphosate has been popping up in the news lately and not in a good way. Monsanto first put Roundup on the market in 1974. The company followed that with developing and marketing Glyphosate resistant, Roundup ready, seeds crops. Farmers could then use the weed killer without killing their crops.Soybean was the first GMO Mon