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I'm pretty much finished watching, reading and taking in all the wonderful training. Now I'm going to add a networking page to my site. Let's see how it goes!!It's 9:57pm and I've added my networking page. I also see I ranked on the 1st page in google!!!! YEEESSSS!
May 06, 2015
It's been a little over a week and with the great training, I have a site up and running. I'm indexed by Google as well...yes!It's the day before Mother's Day and I've completed course 2. This is going smoother than I thought. I'm going to do some minor adjustments, as recommended by some of you wonderful people here at WA, and work to get my site a good ranking. So far I've accomplished 2 goals, 1. Get my site up and running 2. Don't quit!!! Yeessss, patting myself on the back!! :)I just added