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This is my first post for a while here at Wealthy Affiliate. This doesn't mean that I haven't been sharing with the community. It's been a year since I started my online journey and I still enjoy reading everyone's personal journey stories, achievements, experiences, training and learning from mistakes you would have encountered.I have all the tools I need to make this year even better than last and plan to continue moving full steam ahead. I've even started to make some money on Amazon on sell
March 28, 2018
Course 3 has been a struggle for me. Trying to decide which affiliate programs to join, applying for them and yes...rejection from some of them. My self-esteem took a little bit of a hit.Why don't they like my website???Anyway, I got over it through the inspirational posts here and took solace in the programs that DID accept me. I've even seen the silver lining: I have few programs that I can really focus my posts on and help people. Now that my posts are more focused, the quality of them is al
So, it's happened, the moment I've been waiting for: I'm ranking on page 1, position 1 on Bing and page 1, position 2 in Yahoo! My heart is still racing, I am absolutely elated right now! This was completely unexpected. Not because I don't believe in myself or the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, but because I have been making so many mistakes trying to figure everything out. What kept me motivated? The inspirational and informative posts that I read daily right here. When I read of your str
I have completed course 2 and what did I come out of it with? Personalization is KEY!By this point, my website is set up and indexed. I also have a few posts on there. But if no one is going on my site to read my posts, what's the point? Or if someone goes on my site but never visits again, did I really reach them? If you are asking yourself the same questions, let me tell you what I learned from Course 2.Who Are you Admin?If you want to keep people coming to your website, they need to know mor
Let me begin by stating that I joined WA a little over a month ago and what a journey it has been! I am absolutely amazed at everything I was able to accomplish in so little time considering I work the usual 9-5 job. What Started Me On This Blogging Path?I work in a very technical field. I am an assist. project manager working in the construction industry. My days are filled with wearing a hard hat (not flattering for my natural hair at all btw,) steel toe boots (I admit they make me look cool
January 13, 2018
I'll be honest, I have spent an entire month learning about niches, trying to decide on a niche, domain name, choosing widgets, pluggins, themes, learning about SEO, trying to come up with an about me page and quality content for my first blog...I actually forgot about Google Site Index. Don't get me wrong, I understand that EVERYTHING I have been doing is so that persons can eventually Google a subject and my webpage comes up. However it has just hit me as I check my site domain and see that m
It took a while but I have finally completed Course 1. I feel as if I started primary school all over again December 2017. So many new words, terms, meanings; essentially a new language for me. I am experiencing so many thoughts and feelings right now: elation at finally setting up my first EVER website but also overwhelmed at how much more training I need. My advice to persons just joining Wealthy Affiliate: move at your own pace. Do not rush through the courses and videos. Think of the experi
After a few days of in depth study, videos and research, I took the WA Premium plunge. I am a new premium member with a lot more study, videos and research to pursue. However I can honestly say that I am confident about the decision I just made and I am excited to share my progress with the WA community. I will continue to post my stories; whether they are success stories or pleads for help ;)WA Max
December 15, 2017
Right now I am feeling the excitement that many wealthy affiliate members have felt before and future newcomers will feel. I am officially on the world wide web for the first time and I am brimming with ideas of what to do from here. I am definitely welcome to hear any advice from seasoned bloggers or those who are still feeling their way through. Let's succeed together!WA Max