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Hello everyone My name is Mike Nevares. I am a recent graduate of California State University Fresno. I received my BA in marketing and wanted to get my feet wet with internet marketing. I enjoy being active: hiking, swimming, biking, sports, exercising, and yoga are a few things i enjoy.

I am a newbie here. I have done some research on Internet marketing but am still pretty lost.Just for a start some of the things that I am interested in marketing would be fitness related products, supplements, and body building product.

I am excited / motivated to get my start here on WA and internet marketing wish me luck. *fingers crossed*
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Fanciadance Premium
Hi Mikey,

I added you mate. I am also on Skype so let me know if you wanna connect and chat about your new venture. All the best

webkab Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. There's tons of information here at WA so don't let it overwhelm you. Stay focused, take the training and especially look for the special training they have here. You can also go to potpiegirls blog and magistudios blog. There you will find additional training in the way of videos that I found exceptionally good and helped me move on. Best wishes and MUCH SUCCESS.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
cash4ume Premium
Hi Mike and welcome! I'm a fella FRESNAN and have lived in Fresno for 70 of my 77 years. Live out near Woodward Park.
great to have you at WA. If you will apply yourself, ask for help, have FUN and NEVER, EVER quit, you will be one happy guy! I'll be watching your progress. I want to do something for you as starters...Here is some GOLD!! Now, YOU go for the GOLD! Best Ron cash4ume
Mikey25 Premium
Im New here Plez be my friend =D