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Finally I did what I have been dreaming and desiring for an entire year.I upgraded to Wealthy Affiliate yearly :)Last year I was not able to took advantage of the Black fridayoffer.But this year, I am really happy to grab it :)Going yearly means I now have a full year of training,hosting, support and community support for an entirewithout the need of thinking about payments.Commiting to success is now much easier.Yearly means,I also now I got enough time to build the foundation of a successful
"Midhun, you have a new private message from Kyle!"Today when I opened my email,this subject line did stand out.I am like, "Why would Kyle have to message me?".Then light bulb went "ON" in my head,"may be it is about the Super Affiliate Challenge, did I made it?"With excitement, I quickly opened the email.This is what I saw:I couldn't believe my eyes, I am accepted for the Super Affiliate Challenge !Even though I mentioned in the Super Affiliate application thread thatI will be focusing on my n
Just completed course 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification.I feel so proud and really happy :)I built a website related to my niche and also found out 15 awesome keywords with a combined traffic of 2555 searches per month.Now I am in love with Jaaxy :)Excited for Course 2 !By March this year I will be completing my 5 years in Wealthy Affiliate.I only became a premium member this month,January(2018) andonly took Wealthy Affiliate seriously in the last 6 months.It took me close to 5 years to fi
Today will be one of the most happiest day for me in 2018 since I am experiencing Wealthy Affiliate premium for the first time.I was a free member of Wealthy Affiliate from March 2013.I got distracted by shiny objects and forgot about WA for a long time.The weekly emails about live webinars by Jay caught my attention.For the last six months I have been reading tons of blog posts in WA.I have seen that there are a lot of successful and really good people here at WA including Jay and the founders