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November 22, 2020
Actually, my anniversary was last month about this time. I know I'm a little late in sharing I have been away from the platform for a short while. I seemed to have let life get in the way. I sure have missed my friends within the WA community and am glad to be back. Wealthy Affiliate is everything I expected and so much more. I've just renewed my Black Friday yearly membership, and I'm looking forward to a new and exciting year here at WA in 2021. Have a wonderful week,MickeyPS As a remi
We are halfway through this year. It's been one helluva year so far I'm sure for most everyone. It's nothing like what I had envisioned for 2020, that's for sure. The last two months have just been draining for me with everything going on and so many other personal issues. Every day it's like now what! I must admit I haven't wanted to do much of anything. Personally I have rathered stay in bed and wait for the day to pass. I've really been in some sort of a funk. That was then it's time
Wow, I just received five emails congratulating me on my content being published in Google. I've never had that many at one time be indexed. I must say it was exciting!Three out of the five posts are on page one in Bing and Yahoo another is on page two. Plus, I found another on page two of Google. Yay!Anyway, I wish all of you an exciting weekend. I've got more posts to write. 😊 Of course, after some sleep. It is getting a bit late. 😉
April 05, 2020
Earlier I was writing a post for my website when all of a sudden, a message popped up advising I had earned a new accomplishment badge. Then I noticed an email from Kyle and Carson advising me of the great news you have officially made "Ambassador" status. I must say I never set out to become an Ambassador. I've never thought of myself as an Ambassador. But I'm very grateful for this honor. I've been receiving messages of congratulations, and I want to express my gratitude for all of you. An
Amazon warehouses in the US have had COVID-19 cases and haven't even bothered to share this with the employees. Workers only confirmed the rumor about the infection after confronting management or hearing news reports. This points to a lack of internal transparency. They are putting their employees at risk. These employees can then unknowingly pass this virus on. I must say, I don't have all the details I'm reading this in the news as many others are (even the employees). But it pisses me of
My niche is travel related. Let's face it no one is reading about, or planning a vacation right now. Neil Patel has shown an over 40 percent drop in traffic and conversions for travel-related sites. So, do I just keep writing even though there will not be much traffic and conversions? Do I keep adding content knowing that one day there will be? As in almost if nothing is going on. Or, do you wait to publish? Does traffic play a part in ranking on Google? What do you think?Even some of the
Phishing is an online scam where scammers will try and obtain information from unsuspecting people. They may try to obtain usernames, passwords, social security numbers, and credit card information by trying to appear as a legitimate company. Beware!I don't know about you, but I've had my share of these emails. I just wanted to share a few tips on recognizing these phishing emails. Phishing emails often offer a financial reward if you click a link or log in. If an email offers you what soun
Some of you may recall me posting last month about being number one on Bing and Yahoo and just waiting for Google to find me. They found me in a big way today! Which makes my site now page one, position one on all three. I can't even express in words how excited and motivated I am upon seeing this. It has been since January 30th that I've been waiting and hoping for this news, but as Alex (AlexandraT11) had shared earlier, we need to stop being so impatient with Mr. Google. He will share th
February 17, 2020
It has been a rough seven days. Between my husband and I, we've had relatives and an old friend pass away. Besides the sadness, it has also brought me to think about my own life. The bottom line is I need to stop procrastinating. I need to start living a healthier life (not just talk about doing it). I need to start exercising again and not quit, which is what I normally do.I also need to work harder on my website (once again, procrastinating). This will give me a much happier life. I'm no
I'm so excited! I was checking my ranking on Jaxxy and found that my new site is ranked number one on Bing and Yahoo. Yay! Now just for Google to find me. I'll be busy this weekend, creating content. I've got a lot of work to do, and I'm just getting started. Not that I expect to stay in the number one spot, but I believe this may be a sign of good things to come.Have a wonderful weekend,Mickey