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I am only 2 months in and I am seeing my posts, my social media sites, and even comments and questions I have made on WA rank on first and second page of Google. I have several now that have reached first and second pages of Google. I am over the top excited to see this all working as Kyle said it would. Happy Dance on the table time! If I can give any advise right now it would be to choose the low bearing fruit as they say to. This is what I have been doing and it has been working. Seeing how
August 07, 2015
Less than one month in!I have been working and pushing myself hard to get this far, many countless hours,and in less than 1 month I have completed the first 2 courses - Shewwww. A lot of training and lessons and learning. And I am loving it all! I truly feel that I have finally landed in the right place to teach me what I have been searching for and so much more. I have my first website, have made several pages and one post. I found
I just went premium! Stepped off the peer into WA waters, and can't wait to start swimming towards and achieving my goals to success. I am so anxious to continue this wonderful new journey with you all. I see an even brighter future ahead than I already have, with more happiness, and I can't stop smiling. I will achieve my goals and beyond, this I believe with my whole being. So glad I stumbled across this site from Vitaliy's post on my search of google. Thank you for that by the way. You have s