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I have been involved in Internet marketing for several years, and really enjoy it. Writing articles, creating information products, and running two membership sites is how I generate most of my income.

What I really enjoy doing though is helping other people make more money online. This has become a kind of mission for me since I quit my j-o-b and started doing IM full-time.

I am a huge trivia buff. My speciality is music trivia (esp. rock and roll), but all types appeal to me. I also like listening to music, and drive my nuts with the tidbits of trivia I spout off whenever a song comes on. It's no surprise, then, that I love to learn new things. Linguistics and geography are two of my favorites.

Trying to keep my WA Blog updated below, too.
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johnmozier2 Premium
Welcome to WA. I'm new myself, been here one month. Getting a lot out of it. Learning lots of great stuff. It was a bit much at first but it's coming together. Hope you have a great experience.

See you around,
Masteryoda Premium
Hi Mike
If you have a passion for helping people make money online, then my BHD may be just what you're looking for. I can't tell you much about my BHD, but it IS all about helping people make money online.
I have an unlimited supply of tickets to Breakthrough to Success to give away, and I am offering two free tickets to every WA member. All I ask in return is that you visit my profile, and see if my Big Huge Dream sounds like something you might be interested in. Whether you do that or not, whether you write back to me or not, the tickets, valued at $1790, are yours. Just go to this website: www.freeticketstobreakthroughtosuccess.blogspot.com
to find out all you need to know about the Breakthrough to Success seminars and claim your free tickets.
I hope you do write back, because I am serious about uniting the WA community into one big family where we all teach and learn from each other, and grow as a group. I wish you success, and may the force be with you!
Michael Oksa Premium
Thanks for the kind response and welcome, so far. It is much appreciated.
Michael Oksa Premium
Disney World is a huge motivator for me. One thing that struck me while there is how well they treat their guests. They take marketing to a level that I have never seen dulicated, and yet it is my favorite place I have ever been. My expectations were very high before going, but they met and exceeded them - and that's not easy!
Michael Oksa Premium
Hi George,

My apologies for not getting bac to you right away. Technically there are three ways to communicate within the WA website. I will do my best to explain them.

1. Private messgaes. This is what you are reading now, and what the number by the "New Messages" in the main menu bar indicates. You can send them by clicking on the person't username and choosing the option to send them a message. It is called private messging because only you and the person it is sent to will be able to read it.

2. Buddy Talk. This is done through the WA Spaces section and you can only write these messages to people who have set up a WA Spaces page (not all members have done this). You will be writing to one person, but the difference is that anyone visiting the page will be able tor ead it too.

3. WA Forum. This section allows for more of an open discussion that many people will read and/or take part in. Again, this is public. But it is not intended to be a one-on-one type of message.

Best regards,
Michael Oksa
Marlene W Premium
a very warm welcome to you, I am also very new here. Great success to you! Sounds like you know some stuff, I still have to learn a lot.
Marlene W Premium
Hi Michael,
Enjoy your weekend. I am very happy every Friday. To me Friday means to be completely cut off from all this for 2.5 days. So, I am going to enjoy my weekend a lot. I usually do.
Michael Oksa Premium
Hi Jane,

It is good to hear you have strong views on what is right and what is wrong. I wish you much success in all you do. Keep learning here, and I'm sure you will do quite well.
allure100 Premium
Great! Tell me a bit about Linguistics.... What books do you read that intrigue you about that subject? Gina.
allure100 Premium
Funny, I had just printed out earlier information on Bile leakage Bryson "A Short History of Nearly Everything."

Thanks, keep in touch!
Michael Oksa Premium
Hi Gina!

I see you mentioned being a transcriptionist - at least you should be productive when it comes to typing speed. ;)

As far as linguistics, any books on words, or the history of words are fascinating. I'd suggest "Mother Tongue" and "Made In America" by Bill Bryson for starters. They are both quite entertaining and informative.

Thanks for dropping by my page. Adding you to my buddy list now.

All the best,