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November 11, 2017
Hey Everyone!! So I am back! It's been a hot minute. I have had a lot going on and had to leave for awhile. I'm glad to be back and plan to really focus my energy on making some very much needed money!! Hope all is going well for everyone and I am excited to talk to each of you to hear of what has changed and been going on in your lives! Misty
August 25, 2017
Hello Everyone!I have gotten a few messages asking where I have been, as many of you have noticed I have not been around lately. I actually deactivated my account for two whole days, because I have so much going on that I just didn't think I was going to be able to keep focus on WA right now or my website right now, but the feeling I got with it being deactivated was sinking and so I signed right back up and just decided to go with it and do what I can. I haven't been around because of many dif
July 24, 2017
I can't believe I did it!! I made the top 200! I am so excited and proud and want to tell you all thank you for letting me be a part of ya'lls lives. Thank you for allowing me to help you when you felt like there was no one else to turn to at times and listening to little ol me for advice! Thank you for writing your great posts and allowing me to read them and show my love of them! All and all just thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be here with you!!This was was one of my goa
Hello everyone! It has been a minute since I have written anything, even a single post on my own site. I took a break from Wealthy Affiliate for a few weeks for some reasons that I won't discuss and when I came back I felt like a big block was in my head and I didn't know what to write about, what to say, what I even wanted to research? I felt discouraged. I felt down and unmotivated about the whole process of my business and Wealthy Affiliate in general. Then some more things came up and that
Guess what everybody!!? You can now link your US Amazon Associate Account to other countries so they can buy from you and you can get paid. First you set up an account say for Canada and create an ID then link that ID and account to your already existing US account. When someone wants to buy from you in Canada they now CAN!!! I know for me this is very exciting! I had someone who lived in Canada that wanted to purchase something but couldn't when I first started out so that hurt my first sale!
I've never been able to find myself on Google!! Not with my first or with my second site until now!! My WA Review page and Online Surveys page that I just finished today are both sitting on the first page in the second and third spot of Google!! Granted it's not my entire website sitting there, but it's something and I'm very proud and excited! Finally I'm seeing something come from Google and not just BING! Of course I had to share with my friends! The people who I spend most of the day with t
June 25, 2017
OH MY GOSH GUYS!!!!!! Ok so i'm sitting here and I decide to go and check to see if I can find myself in Google, right! We all do it! Well like always and like with my first site, I can't! So I switch on over to BING and BAM!!!! FIRST PAGE!!!! There I am! I am so excited right now! Granted, it's not Google and I wish I could at least find myself. But first page in BING feels really good too!! I had to share immediately with you all!! Anyways, Happy Sunday Funday! Best Wishes! Talk again soon!Mi
I am suffering from the worst writers block. I have the topic even, I just can't seem to get started. I'm stuck, I feel a bit lost. I haven't made a single sale yet, and I'm feeling discouraged. I know that plays into A LOT of the why I can't seem to come up with what to write. I feel like I should've combined both training opportunities together because of what I'm learning in BootCamp!! Or maybe it's just what I already know now feels like it's better the second time around. I don't know, but
Hey Everyone!!So I have just recently started on my second site through Affiliate Bootcamp and got it up and running! It took only 3 days to get Indexed by Google, and I think I'm coming along really good with it so far! I'm pretty proud of it! I certainly feel a sense of understanding with this one that I obviously didn't feel with the first one! Plus the Bootcamp training is GREAT!! I hope you all will check it out and enjoy it as much as I do! Feel free to comment or ask questions and I will
Okay not quite a month yet but it's getting really close and things are really picking up!! The little things that seemed impossible before, don't feel so hard these days and are a little more understandable! I'm getting to know people and I'm so totally enjoying my time here in this community that I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I almost forget sometimes that I'm actually here to make money and this isn't like the BEST social media organization that only certain people know about!! Lol