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November 20, 2016
I joined WA in May of 2015 with the hope of creating an online presence for my brand and making a career with it. I found over time (and through many trial and error situations) that the type of businesses made here are not for me.I no longer have the interest in working with online affiliate marketing. Since the beginning it's been hard for me to keep up with writing articles alongside school, personal, and (other) professional areas of my life. Eventually I grew a disliking for this as well.I
September 18, 2015
Hello all! You might remember me from a few months ago when I was more active. I'm MForgacs! So, anyways, I wanted to talk a little bit about what's been going on lately, as I bet a few of you are wondering, "Where is MForgacs?" Well, I'm here to break my own silence by letting you know what's up in my life and why I've been gone for over a month.First, I'd like to say SCHOOL. I've started up once again as a full-time student and it's hard keeping up with my website since I'm up every night wor
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July 26, 2015
I look today at my associate account, and guess what? I've finally made my first sale and my first bit of payment from Amazon! I'm very excited to continue to get sales and revenue. This is a big moment for me!
July 09, 2015
I'm very excited because I've finally made my first amount of money online! I love the idea of having made money online and I hope to make lots more at the proper time. Even though it was only 1 cent, it represents a seed. When you plant a seed, it'll grow into a flourishing plant and will spread to create a garden, and that garden will keep growing.Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate & community for showing me guidance and helping me to get on the right road to success. I still have much to learn,
During the past few days, I've been able to accomplish some great things. Spending a lot more time in the community has brought me many friends and people in my network to communicate with and learn from. My ranking in WA has increased by a lot. I've also used the SiteComments feature a lot and brought in a lot of new interaction on my website.My rankings in Google have never been better since I've signed up for Jaaxy Pro. I've been able to do great keyword research and have brought great rankin
July 01, 2015
Exponentially, my bounce rate is decreasing by the days. Only this week I've started to make two posts every day, and ever since that my bounce rate has been becoming lower each day. I've had more clicks on my Amazon links than ever and my website's ranking is increasing. I'm very happy about this!
Because of neglecting the business earlier on, I've decided that this week I would start working much more on my business and making at least two posts every day. So far, it's been going very well! I've been requesting at least one comment for each post and it's been bringing in a lot more.I hope that within the next month or so I can finally receive my first paycheck from Amazon and hopefully continue making more revenue every month. I'm so excited! <3 you, WA.
Only two days ago I saw the new Site Comments feature that WA has recently added. I read more into what it had to offer and from there I completely scrapped the idea of having to link my posts in Kyle's "Post your links here!" blog and replaced it with the much more efficient and successful way of paying it forward and getting comments from using credits.Only a few days ago, my Comments and Engagement with Viewers ranking had gone down a lot. Since I began using the new Site Comments system, eac
The worst part of working - even if it's something you enjoy to do - is stressing over it. Your online business can have days that it doesn't do as well as others, and it could have decreasing conversion rates, etc.. If you feel like you're stressing over your work in any way - take a break! Listen to some calming or upbeat music! Spend time with your friends and family!I want to let you know that you CAN do it. There will be bad days. It's all something you can learn from as you go along on you
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Recently, I've been busy with school. I know a lot of you reading this either have regular day jobs or are full-time students like myself. You know that focus should be put more onto what's allowing you to survive financially in this day in age (or what will determine your future.) I spent a long time working on my final exams, and now they're finally over! But - I still feel like I'm not spending the time that I can on my business.If you're having trouble keeping up with your posts, try spendin
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