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Hi Everyone!We are blessed to have an over abundance of information all around us.I have been reading, watching podcasts on Youtube and I just started using Mentorbox.Mentorbox takes a book and the author basically summarizes the content on video, and sometimes audio and you might even get a pdf file of the summary. It's a great way to get info from many sources quickly and if you are really interested you can always purchase the book/ebook to get more detailed info.I listened to summaries of 2
Hi Everyone!I have a powerful book recommendation for you today.I've finished reading it and it is definitely a game changer for me.Not only can it transform your business, but it can change every aspect of your life.The title of the book is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.Two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War demonstrate how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.What a
Hi Everyone!I'm also not good at taking notes or saving info. hahaI recently was able to see inside one of my older books that I republished and saw the contact info was all out of date including the link to the website which I discontinued years ago. Well anyone with those books or who buys them again used from someone has no way to contact me or check out my books today.Thanks to the Way Back Machine at Internet Archive, I was able to find my original website and even save an image that I lov
Hi everyone!A very interesting and confusing morning for me, right out of Twilight Zone. I love walking and hiking and my longest walk here was 32 kilometers/ 20 miles a few years back across the width of the island and over the mountains.My walk today started out great. I decided to take a lesser traveled, mostly gravel road.It was so quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I was able to greet a few people every now and again along the way.The Sun was shining and I was glad to get the sunshine especiall
Hi Everyone!I recently completed my 3rd Youtube interview with another WA member, Only1Hugh.Previous to Hugh, I interviewed Roy Solheim and Jeff Brown. Its great to have a chance to talk to and get to know WA members better and perhaps even collaborate some.Roy and I share the MMO Make Money Online niche.Jeff has written multiple books of fiction/science fiction and since I also publish books, Jeff and I have had some great conversations about that.So much so I am going to seek WA members who h
Hi Everyone!What does the Lunar Eclipse of the Super Blood Moon have to do with WA?On the one Youtube channel where we are watching it Live since we have an overcast sky here, they are selling Lunar Eclipse T-shirts and Hoodies at the same time.Very clever. People watching are obviously charged up watching and they are the perfect customer also.There's still time before the Moon reaches total eclipse to watch it. This is where technology does us a service and a lot better to watch than the news
Hi Everyone! If you have been following me, you know that I have been duking it out again with Amzn.End of Round One finally and it's a success for me.After about a dozen back and forth exchanges with Amzn, they finally accepted my public domain ebook.I learned a bit through the process. Persistence being an important aspect.I was on the verge of no longer submitting public domain ebooks. There rules are much more strict and vague at the same time than public domain books.Are you being persiste
Hi Everyone!I was listening to: Tony Robbins MASTERCLASS On How To CHANGE YOUR LIFE Today! | Lewis Howeson Youtube more than once and realized once again that I am not serving myself as best that I could be.I mentioned before in a previous post of the challenges I am having with Amzn support when submitting my public domain content. It's very frustrating to me.Now prior to listening to Tony, all of my paperback book titles were finally accepted by Amzn after a little bit of back and forth. One
Hi Everyone! Starting your own business(es) is very liberating. At least it was/is for me.Even if its just a part time business, there is going to be work involved and there always seems to be some task that is boring or overly complicated or displeasing. That's business & life.We can find those same things working for someone else and have very little to say about it.Being your own boss brings more rewards. It doesn't even have to feel like work most times. When I had my Flooring Sales &a
Hi Everyone!I just came up with another great reason to be diversified besides protecting your income with multiple income streams. As you know, I have gone back to my Publishing in earnest submitting my 1,143rd book title yesterday.Well the challenge with reprinting old books where the copyright has expired is Amazon's support. Around and around, I have to go with each title trying to prove its in the public domain which anyone with any real knowledge of Copyright Law would know immediately. I