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Welcome Everyone to Day 66 and perhaps the last post of this series!Not to worry, I will still post occasionally. The different business projects I am looking at are all very labor intensive and as much as I have enjoyed this series and wanted to be committed to a full year, I just have to free up some time to do that. I will also be writing my own books related to the business work I will be doing and that can take a lot of time and thought so I want to channel all my energy into that.One thi
Welcome to Day 65 Everyone!I was thinking about how we are often counseled about following our Passion in the type of work and/or business we might undertake and I thought of a different perspective. What do I/we really want from life?I have always thought if I lived for 10,000 years that I still would not be able to do or experience everything I would want to do.It's just not enough time.I've experienced a lot in my life already and so I asked myself, What do I really want the most in life?Han
Welcome Everyone to Day 64!A week early, but I have to work around the time that I have. On March 13, 2019, I became a starter member and within a week I went Premium.Before joining, Hosting & Education were important issues for me. I had 4 websites with Weebly that costs $74 a month.My concern at the time was that I had never used WordPress and I wasn't sure of the difficulty in learning to use WP.Upon joining and diving into training it was that and the ever helpful WA Community that conv
Welcome Everyone to Day 63! I am not a health Practioner nor do I offer any medical advice. I hate labels.I finally decided to do some research and it would appear I have many symptoms related to GAD aka General Anxiety Disorder. What a terrible name and it seems they have to label just about everything now. It does at least explain how I have felt when I have had to deal with KDP Amazon support and well as other situations where there was potential conflict.That's useful information for me to
Welcome Everyone up to Day 62!With relaxing my schedule and workload, there is just no way for me to keep pace even with a daily blog on WA. I haven't given up. I will keep posting my Success in 2021 blog posts, just not every day.Reducing my work time has also created another challenge.With all the things I was doing, I have to make a somewhat difficult decision of what to put off for a later date to start or continue.The vision of what I want to focus on is becoming clearer and naturally its
Welcome Everyone to Day 52!Its the end of Feb 28th for me here as I am about a week behind on my daily posts.I thought I would summarize my efforts on Youtube to date.My end of Jan update can be found here: Videos released in Feb 2021. Total lifetime videos 79 includes a couple of private videos.Still maintaining my daily 1+ video add to Youtube. Happy about that. VIEWS440 Views in Feb 2021. Total lifetime views 2,727.
Welcome to Day 51 everyone! I took the following pic today of a place I had hoped to use for charity work 6 years ago.It didn't have quite so many broken out windows back then. I approached the local govt and at first it seemed promising. I thought if I was able to use the place even for free it could be maintained rather that allowed to continue to suffer damage. It turns out the property at least 6 years ago was tied up in a dispute in court so there was nothing I could do at the time. Not ev
Welcome to Day 50 Everyone! A BIG shoutout to Jeff Brown who published his 500th WA blog post! Congrats Jeff!!!To say I am a good student is an understatement. I am a great student. I am a Legend in my own mind. hahaI successfully applied the following mantra and the associated beliefs that go with it.------------------------Life is Perfect as it is Now.I AM and I Have Everything That I Need Now.------------------------Those beliefs kicked in so well I did not work a full 24 hours. Why? I don'
Welcome Everyone to Day 49!I'm running about 5 days behind on blog posts, but that's ok for now.I came across another great book in my opinion and I have been working my way through it.You may remember from my post from Dec 26, 2020 that I recommended:"You Were Born Rich" by Bob Proctor, if you search for the ebook you should be able to download a free ebook from Proctor Gallagher Institute. Excellent book.You Were Born Rich dealt with the abundance we have coming into this world and Bob Procto
Welcome Everyone to Day 48!These past few days I find myself wondering exactly what to do with my work. I was reluctant to post this, but transparency over ruled privacy this time around.Shifting my goal again for 2021 from 2X Income to the less tangible feeling fulfilled with my continued growth and being passionate about it.Money can be a great way to measure things, but its not going to be the end all and be all of my life.I am happy now with our finances so any additional improvement is cer