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October 17, 2020
Been so broke with no work during Covid had to stop my payments. Still trying to figure out if I can do this but so many hours on screens has hurt my shoulders and back, been having migraines.I am struggling to stay with it Also how is my own website not accessible if I'm not with WA. Surely I should still have access to that domain if I've paid for it? Can someone explain the reasoning behind this? Thanks
Working from home with a school going childAs a parent of a child going into her las ttwo years of secondary education and being a university tutor myself, the happenings of this year with regard to education have been hugely concerning to me.My own child's learning this year was very disrupted because of connection and equipment problems, not least with her having to learn in the space of a week, how to navigate the many different Office 365 apps which her teachers were using and having no com