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November 28, 2019
Just want to wish everyone at WA a very happy and safe Thankgiving. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, Deanna
Fall is here, time for the sweaters, going to my grandson's football games, and all the great fall activities. Apple picking, getting pumpkins for halloween and all that fun stuff. Plus, the World Series is almost upon us. Hope you enjoy the weather wherever you live, and hopefully we all have a mild winter, unless you like snow activities like me and my family do.
Has anyone else had problems with search console? I am only getting 1 click which was back in July, even though I have added many posts since then. I have taken the property out and resubmitted a couple of times. Has anyone had a problem like that. Any help would be appriciated.
September 29, 2019
I just want to thank Site Support. I've had to use them a few times lately and they have been quicker than ever and right there to give a helping hand.Their instructions are spot on and they stay with you until the problem is fixed. Thanks again, Deanna
September 23, 2019
Information overloadDo you have the same problem as I have? When you log into Wealthy Affiliate, it’s information overload. What do I check out first? Should I read the newest Blog, Should I check out comments? See what my ranking is on my latest post. Check my messages? Just so much information. What to devour first? There is so much going on at Wealthy Affiliate it’s hard to decide what to concentrate on first. For me, I write a short list and tackle #1 priority first. I think it&
Well, 4 month in at SAC, loving it. Have run into some snags as I expected. Problems with Google search console. My son is trying to help me with it. After watching 2 or 3 training videos of Jay's. One of my biggest weaknesses is lack of tec skills and I hate to ask for help. But, so far, I feel I'm doing good with the challenge, have completed most of the tasks, except can't seem to get a logo in my site. Another chore for my son. Thank God for sons! Hope everyone is doing well on the challeng
Do you want to succeed in the online marketing world?What are your chances to do so? Do you have negative or positive self-talk? Positiv self-talk is very helpful. It will keep you working towards a great result. But, remember, you still have to do the work, even the work that is not as much fun for you to do. If you like to work on making your site better looking, do so, but, don't forget to do the tasks that are not as much fun for you. Do those first.Like writing content.When your mind is fr
August 01, 2019
How to get rid of the fearIf you are anything like me you have some fears. When I first started affiliate marketing I had absolutely no idea what it was about except that you could make money on your computer from the comforts of your own home.That was all I knew.Fast forward to today, after many stumbling blocks and trying to find my way I feel like I am on the road to success.Unfortunately, the internet marketing area is filled with many pitfalls.Try this, push two buttons and make millions,
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Are you having challanges in the training here at WA? Well, don't feel alone, most of us do. I have been here longer than I care to admit and have made the mistake of getting bored and not getting instant success with a niche. But I have finally decided to get very serious about this training and do things the proper way. So if you are having problems seeing success and results, just go back to the basics and follow what is recommended. Kyle, Carson and Jay know what they are doing, so don't de
How is everyone doing? Are you involved in the SAC. How are you progressing? I did great the first month, but have found diffculties getting everything completed in the second month tasks.Having some health issues that make it harder for me than in the past. Had a few Doctors appointments that took up quite a bit of time, but back on track now. But, going to keep on keeping on. I hope I can be successful with the challenge. Kyle makes it very simple to follow.Just follow all the instructions an
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