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This is not a proper success story YET.However, it does feel like a profound success to me. This is an idea of myself that I finally get to realize. An idea I somehow have dreamed of for quite some time.I am now an affiliate marketer.I mean, to some this may seem absolutely trivial and mundane. But I finally feel like I've completely moved on from that notion of ever doing law again for a living.And this feels invigorating. You've no idea how invigorating that feels. I think there are no words
January 28, 2018
Hey, everyone!Quite a lot of time has passed since I joined WA. But it is only now that I write my first blog. This might be due to the fact that I went full on create-content-mode! Haha! (Remember though, CONTENT IS KING! Without content there is NOTHING!)I took a niche I really felt and still feel that I can contribute and add to. And make world a better place. And I did think that I know a lot in that niche when I first started putting together some articles. Boy, was I wrong. A lot had to b