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April 22, 2020
Google will now let any business list products on Google Shopping for free. What does this mean to our online business as at now? We would be grand to hear from veterans. Share you thoughts..
Have been checking my Google Console Links to my website and have notice I got many Top Linking Site to my website that are irrelevant and some even when I try to open am warned for security reasons. I also noticed in that mess is part of them. I contacted WA support team and they told me they only take care of technical issues of which I was not satisfied. A team member asked me to check with the community. This month my traffic has dropped to Zero. Let me share what made
September 14, 2019
Who can guide me which plugin is this please.Thank you
August 17, 2019
Hi WAHave followed all the procedures to filter my Google analytics when I visit my website but its not working out. Once I open my site and am on my analytics account immediately it shows am online, location (which I have filtered via my IP address) and the device on the the real time also when I look at the session by country my location show high figure. What am I missing here.
June 10, 2019
"Once Google has crawled the temporary XML Sitemap, you need to take it down." Who can explain this to me just came across this statement as I was reading something.Thank you
This is a quote "But things may be changing soon but we do not know how soon, as Google continues to improvement its e-commerce efforts; Google appears to be structuring a shopper recommendation algorithm." Have you guys read about this before this?
Has anyone experienced this???. Few months ago I decided to stop working on my website so that I can see how it will behave. I gave it some time without updating my post and my traffic went from 200 visiters per day to zero though my site was just for fun without any keywords or following instructions how to make $, I just wanted to have a site thats it. Recently I recieved an email from Amazon telling me I have a gift voucher and also some other payments from Amazon (I had joined amazon asso
November 07, 2018
Waking Up.After a number of months without updating my site have just recieved a message from my Amazon associate account. I had not give up but I hate to say procastination is my greates problem. Having done all the training its time to wake up from my slumber land. Seriously am enemy of my own. Guess what have been telling my self If only I can write. But surely if I can communicate (any way am a safety trainer) and be understood why not do it in writting. Who else is killing him or her self
Could this be related to any sales, because I cannot see what has been sold. Would be glad to here from experince.
February 08, 2018
There is a training going on with Klye...Have seen something like this...Add Your Website Product Reviews Here (Day 19) Ok my question is do we have a place were I can follow from Day 1 going forward...Share with US..if its there I will be more happy to learn from that.