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Hi I live in Sydney Australia - am a maori the indigenous culture of New Zealand, you may know the Rugby Team "All Blacks" , we live and breath Rugby . I'm a full time stay at home mom, who has just joined WA community. I use to work for one of the biggest Medical Distributors here in Australia, but decided money was'nt everything in comparison to my 3 young ones who needed me the most. Lately I've tried a few home base work to compensate for income, and hoped this particular choice would fulfil the ideal job list. I am some what of a computer kid who nearly lives on it everyday, so I'm never too far from my laptop.
I am a happily married mom of 24 years, with 5 extremely unique children who keep me busy every other time of the day, oh forgot and one spoilt maltese dog who won't eat dog food, only our food. I joined the local gym to get into shape for this summer, been going on 4 weeks now, and have seen some awesome results, I have tried to regularly commit to the gym every second day, preferrably cardio workout for 3 months, than weight lifting there on, and a healthyt diet, was 75 kg's and now 70 kg's. I am so happy, nearly ready to beach it this summer, it's gonna be awesome.
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Welcome to WA
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Welcome to WA, and hope that you'll be around for awhile too....I've learned so much and have so much more to learn.
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Welcome to the WA family
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Hi my name is Martha, hope to be around here for a while, and learn everything I possibly can.
Marthar5 Premium
Yeah gidday, how things with you all, alls good I hope, hope to achieve the achievable, and yeh have a good day...