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November 01, 2017
I haven't been around for so long but received this badge and remembered of how much time and effort I dedicated to WA in the first few months. What happened since? Oh gosh!! I wish to know.... You guys are still all there!!
February 07, 2017
In just 2 months since I joined WA, just before Xmas, I had reached the top 500, with a rank of 475 or so. It felt great... I kept going up in the rank and was not even sure what I was doing right!!?! It just happened and I felt like 'I was on the right track of something here!' Managed to catch a horrible virus over the Xmas holidays, with fever and everything. It was so bad I spent few days in bed with no energy, not even enough to continue working on my site or follow any training. Went back
December 02, 2016
I believe I can fly. I believe I can reach places as others have before me. I believe I can be successful in anything I do, and for as long as I keep dreaming, believing and acting upon my dreams. I truly believe....I upgraded to the yearly membership as looking at the whole venture in a long-term mode, drives me to work harder, helps me build a clearer long-term vision and await bigger, better, bolder fruit of success... I am working on the now and looking forward. It has been my pace to my li
November 14, 2016
It is funny how easy it feels to start a blog, post website comments or even start an own site... wow!! Still can't believe it!!Me who has always been so terrified of any tech stuff... I'm not only amazed but proud of myself. Just finished planning my second site. Still so much to learn and do with both of them, but will surely get there, I know.And none of this could have ever been possible without you guys at WA. Thank you Kyle and everyone else for the training, and your continuous warm supp
There is always, somewhere, someone in a worse condition than we are, wherever we look. The problem seems to be though, we do look at times but we do not see. There are people suffering wherever we go, and we do not notice them as the matter does not concern us directly. When it does hit us directly, then we tend to make a fuss and wish everyone to notice. Funny eh?!! The secret of being on this earth though, which very few seem to realise, is that we are here only for the benefit and service o
October 15, 2016
Believe me am no expert in any of this, but have been doing some reading and sharing what I have learnt is the least I can do in a helpful community like WA.In the book, Start Your Own Business, the authors explain how to find the right niche for your entrepreneurial needs. Once you’ve come up with a good idea for a business, the next step would be figuring out who your market is. They clarify that the two basic markets you can sell to are: consumer and business. For example, if thinking
Hey everyone, I'm still new here, but still thought of dropping a line or two.... I am having so much fun reading and learning new stuff, as mind you, everything is so new to me, had no idea it could be so easy learning anything of the sort, me being no techie at all!! if that is a word anyway, but who knows me knows well that I have trouble just dealing with a simple program on my pc, let alone building a site and starting an own business.... Woooo!! Ain't scary though, it is a challenge and s