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Aloha! In going through the Certification process with Wealthy Affiliate, I have made it to C2L10 (Course 2, Lesson 10), which is about Boosting Your WA Ranks! Quite honestly, boosting my rank hasn't been a focus for me, but Kyle mentioned "incentives" in his video. While I don't know that I would be knowledgeable enough to be in the top 12, I can recognize that those who are have become very familiar names to all of us in the WA community. When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I was drawn
So, today while doing Course 2, I purchased my own domain. So scary! What if I changed my mind down the road on what niche I want to follow? Well, with Site Rubix, I realized I could go ahead and develop other niches, and if this first site winds up not being the one I want to fully pursue, it was less than a $15.00 investment, so not a large cost for the lesson learned. Thankfully! It is a niche I'm happy with, though, so for now, I'll put the effort into it, and who knows? It might beco