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April 07, 2015
Please welcome to our WA community!
April 03, 2015
You will agree; I am sure, that all thinking people have a sincere desire to succeed. If everyone wants to win – why don’t they? The conclusion that the answer to success is locked up in a seven letter word – “Believe.” Losers do not believe they can win. Why don’t they believe? If you are having difficulty making something big happen in your life, read closely. All the great religious leaders, philosophers and self-help gurus have told us to believe and succeed. “All things
March 22, 2015
Think about the words: work, career, mission. Do you notice a difference when you read them? Does each word feel different to you? To most people, the word “work” implies that it’s something hard, something you have to do. If you work all day long, you probably don’t enjoy it very much or find it very fulfilling. Career implies you’re doing it for something larger; it has a bigger meaning. You’ll devote more energy to it since it’s building towards a greater purpose. But somebody
March 09, 2015
Hi everyone, As many here in WA are progressing with the online businesses. I wanted to share a financial though I think you will enjoy. Their is a significant difference between being rich and wealthy. The definition of wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your stand of living. For example if your monthly expenses are $2000 and you have $20 000 in savings, that means your wealth is 10 month. In other words, you measure wealth by month not
Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing great with WA! Within my first 3-4 days in WA my first website was created. Today after being in WA for about 10 days my website have had more than +890 views in +10 countries. Looking forward to see what is going to happen within the first month with WA :)!
February 21, 2015
Hi everyone, Obviously there are tons of affiliates programs out there. Please share want you are using and your experiences and progression with it.
How many great ideas do you have on a daily and weekly basis that you dismiss? I’m guessing you have at least one, really big idea you’ve been holding on to for quite some time. You probably think of it often, dream of what it would be like but neglect to take necessary action to bring it to life. The greatest investment you can make is the investment that will bring vision to your goals and life to your ideas. Bet on yourself. We’ll do the heavy lifting of showing you exactly how and
February 19, 2015
Hi everyone, Been involved with WA for about 2 weeks and I am sure I am not the only one that been amazed and impressed with what WA does. Everything that you need to know about having a success online business is right here. Not to mention the help and support that are in the community. Not only from the founders themselves, but also from all the wa community support as well. So far I have set up by a blog that a friend of mine suggested. He said " You could for example you can create a blog/f
When you see entrepreneurs who have achieved success, it’s natural to wonder: What makes them different? Some will tell you that entrepreneurs succeed because they work harder, know the right people, or are just smarter than the rest of us. While those traits are valuable, they do not make a successful entrepreneur. What makes an entrepreneur successful is a set of habits. It is their behaviors, attitudes, and actions—practiced consistently—that separates successful entrepreneurs from the
February 12, 2015
Setting your worthy goals To most people goal setting is a lost concept. If you ask the majority of the people what their goal there is a big chance they’ll ask what you mean. And the chance for people to have their goals written down is even lesser. There is something magical happening when you write things down, which we will cover in a bit. There are also people that say that they don’t know what they want. I believe that you know what you want. You have just rejected it before you g