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Wow, 1st blog post in 4 months... I need to apologize for that. I'll keep this blog post as short and concise as I can (let's try that!). So I've recently (well it actually was on January 1st!) came across (kinda fell from the sky)  the empowering book by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret, The Power. You guys have probably heard about it. You know, the law of attraction! Well many people talk about it but reading it and understanding it just won't change your life that's for sure. Applying it
October 06, 2011
Steve Jobs is dead. It's always sad when someone dies. When anyone dies. I've just looked at pictures of flowers, apples, pictures placed outside Apple stores around the world and I don't know what to say... I'm confused by this, by the reactions of Apple users. I mean, this guy was the CEO of one of the biggest companies. Period. He was not a god, not a savior, not a saint, he hasn't saved lives or created art, defended freedom or civil rights. He created products. PRODUCTS. Apple is a compa
August 16, 2011
How about that for a catchy title? ;)  (no I didn't take the picture below.. lol) Just sharing a pic from Matt Cutts' Google profile.   He's back from Kilimanjaro, all tanned, thin and unshaved. Pretty hot too but that's my opinion (yeah beard and glasses have a weird effect on me). So what's the point of me posting this pretty unusual pic of Matt Cutts (oh and I spared you the "Matt & his cat" pic and other personal stuff)? Well the point is that I thought Google Profile
I'd like you to read this. It won't take long.  Undercover Investigation of a Dog Factory Farm   Thanks, Louise   PS: I rarely sound that serious, right? :)
Hey there, It's been a few weeks since I blogged here or participated and I'm sorry for that but I'm not gone! I'm just working a lot. Anyway, today I just wanted to write a little post about how to get Twitter followers. A few weeks ago, Jay talked about the use of social media during one of his webinars and I had the chance to talk about how I use Twitter and some of you guys asked me questions about it. Afterwards I thought of other strategies that I use and didn't share with you so.. there y
My first Adwords campaign was a total disaster. It was about 8 months ago I think. I received an 80€ Google Adwords coupon. I was all excited! So excited that I set up a campaign way too fast, didn't target good keywords, didn't create relevant and specific landing pages and didn't geo target my campaigns. Many many impressions, many clicks, 0 sales. Anyway, I screwed up. Then 2 months ago I thought I'd give it another try and maybe read stuff about PPC (lol!). Basically, I've only read 1 ebo
Enjoy! :)
Ok, I rarely do this (posting about stuff unrelated to affiliate marketing and appealing to members) but this is important. I'm gonna sound like the creepy vegetarian activist right now. lol ;) More seriously, there's an online petition right now that intends to put pressure on The European Commission for them to ban animal testing for cosmetics. Actually, measures have already been taken in the sense that a ban was supposed to come into effect in March 2013, which is great, but they want to po
December 19, 2010
Sounds like an exciting space stuff! No, it's just a free online alternative to powerpoint. Sounds boring now, right? But it's a cool, intuitive, fast, beau-ti-ful tool! You GOT to try it! I've always found powerpoint to be pretty difficult to work with, maybe it's just me but when a software doesn't think like I do, I stop using it and look for a better one. ;) I keep being happily surprised by SlideRocket, it's just better than I thought a tool like that could be. Oh and you can login with you
November 30, 2010
Ok, this is (a bit) off topic but I just see ads here and there although I don't own a TV and I notice that we talk a lot now about how women are pictured in commercials and how "real" women don't feel normal when they compare themselves with the standards they watch on TV. And it's an important issue for sure. We're in a society that focuses a lot on women which is a good thing after years of discrimination against them but I think the relationship men have to the commercials picturi