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September 11, 2020
I just want to say a very quick thank you to Kyle, Carson, and Jaz333 for helping me out when I was locked out of my account. I really do value wealthy affiliate and all the resources that the platform has to offer. I never want to take any of it for granted. Take care of yourself WA family.
July 28, 2020
Hello WA Community I need help and advice. The problem is after buying a Domain name spending time creating content I've been told that my site is not even a niche. So where do I go from here?, do I delete all of my hard work and start over?. That is painful to have to do when I spent so time and energy building this website. It's like getting in your car driving for miles.Thinking that your going west only to realize that you've been going east. That's a hell of a reality check. I don't know
MY PROGRESSI would like to start by saying I am happy that I found WA, I went to YouTube to see what other people were saying about WA. I wanted to know if WA was the real deal, I clicked the link in the video and it took me to WA. I became a member in 2019 and I"m still here, in that short period I"ve had my ups and downs with the program but so far it"s been more positive.My progress with in WA has been slow I can only work the program when time permits me because I do have a full-time job
Growing up I"ve always been a nerd and a geek when it comes to superheroes, I read the comics, watched the movies, played with superman, batman, and spider man action figures. I played all the batman video games, and I'm currently playing the new spider man game that was released exclusively for PlayStation 4. Superheroes are very intelligent, some have superhuman strength, and some can run really fast like the flash.In this blog post I just want to touch on some things that superheroes can tea