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July 05, 2017
Hello WA community, and what a beautiful day it is! Weather wise and, more inportantly, I just discovered that my website now has ranking in Google!!! So, you newbies don't give up on your journey. There is hope for each and every one of us.....
July 01, 2017
I can't believe it...I bought my very own domain and I successfully transfered my Site|Rubix to the new domain!!!This may seem incidental to some, but to me it is monumental!
May 02, 2017
I want to thank all of you that replied to my last post. There were words of encouragement and praise, I appreciate all responses sent!
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I can't believe "little 'ole me' is on the web.. This is a major accomplishment. Six months ago I didn't know haw to go "online" or even how to enter a password to get into a computer! LOOK AT ME NOW!!!