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My 1st year with WA had a great start!Then I got caught up in my gaming YouTube channel trying to make it happen by building a channel with another experienced gamer. Well, we both decided to go back to our original gaming YouTube channels after about a year.Since I've been back on Wallerdog Gaming YouTube channel it has gotten 30K views in the past 28 days. Don't forget, Adsense works on YouTube channels, too!So, I'm still going to put most of my effort there because its working for me.In the
I focused my efforts in 2019 on gaming and had okay results. We are monetized on our Twitch channel but not even close on YouTube. Need 1K subs and 4K hours viewtime and we have less than 400 subs and about 2.4K hours viewtime.The good news! I tested a method (YouTube ad campaign) for getting viewtime and it works (600 hours viewtime in 2 days), so getting 4K hours viewtime is easy. I'll be doing a video on how to get YouTube viewtime on our gaming channel before the end of April 2020. I also
Just a thank you to WA for the Black Friday Yearly Discount!!!
I know I haven't been active here for the past few months, but some things still happen in the background if you already have things setup. So, put in the effort up front and it will pay off when you are too busy doing other things to contribute actively.
Hey there! Welcome back!As you can see this isn't part III. Instead this is an update to my gaming.I took a 3-month break from blogging as I tried to re-assess what was important to me for the present.Of course, I love gaming so that continued for those three months and we've made some progress. On our Youtube channel we now are about 25% of the way to monetization with 270 subscribers and over 1000 hours of viewtime. On our Twitch channel this past weekend we decided to apply for affiliate sta
Well, Vlogging is NOT working - What About Gaming???After a little over two years of vlogging with very poor results I got to thinking about other things I could do on YouTube. I looked on YouTube and saw that gaming had some YouTubers with big audiences; people like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier.I watched some of their videos and thought to myself, I like to play games, hell, I can do that!!!So, on about 1 October 2016 Wallerdog Gaming Channel came into existance! Woot!I didn't want
How can we use YouTube to increase our revenue? That's a great question!In 2014, after binge watching Casey Neistat Vlogs, I said to myself "I can do that!" So, I started a YouTube channel with vlogging as the main theme. I was also watching then Amy Schmittauer (Landino) to learn as much as I could about vlogging.You see these big YouTubers with 100s of thousands and millions of subscribers and you think that's easy anybody can do it. Well, when you do that, let me know how easy it was! It's a
How Did I End Up in Germany - Life as a ContractorWe left off in my bio with me getting a job in Korea, thanks to my buddy Bobby!It was an entry level position that pretty much equaled my pay that I was getting on active duty, plus as a contractor I was able to get the overseas tax exclusion and that is a big boost to reducing taxes. After all, I only had the certs and not the experience so I wasn't going to complain.I was the webmaster and email server guy using a Solaris "pizza box". That's h
Wake Up on Friday Morning to a Ding and We Are IndexedLots of work to do this weekend. Need to post content!Hired two writers from Upwork to do 2 articles on a website that is just now starting to produce, need to beef that website's content.It's time vs. money and I can use that time to do easy things for me while they do important things for the site.Have you used Upwork or another site to hire freelancers?What were the results and do you continue to use them?Have a great Friday!!!Les
Finished 1st level of 10 lessons and learned so much! How many out there have stopped going through the lessons before finishing the first phase?I cannot wait until the weekend to see how much work I can get done here!I already have an idea for a YouTube video and website post for tonight based on what I learned on keywords and the lifecycle of someone who purchases.Let's see what we can do with this!Woot!Les