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Better late than never!Completed a free training course last weekend so applying what I learned in marketing took precedence over my weekly update blog post here.This week I'm using social media to test what I learned before I spend money on ads.But, this is a weekly update about last week, so let's continue in that direction.Wow! $4.53 in adsense last week, somehow we got an expensive google ad placed on our site and someone used it. Maybe someone can explain how Amazon chooses to put premium
Not much going on this week, had a busy week at full time job and getting ready for the better half to travel today.Did publish 5x more videos on that new YouTube channel.Created Twitter, Instagram, and FB Page to supplement it for free advertising.Also, went ahead and created a website to complement the YT channel. Only posted one article on BootCamp site that leads to new YT channel.Participating in a 5-day free marketing class and learning a lot. Amazon only $.51 this past week, lol.Good mon
September 25, 2020
Hello everybody! This is my way to keep pushing myself and hold myself accountable.Another week has gone by and we are still pushing strong. The end of next week and October is here. I'm waiting to see what Kyle and company are bringing to us that will help enable us to earn 100 premium members in 3 months.That's why I'm pushing so hard, to get as much of the boot camp training done before then.So, let's see what we've accomplished this past week.We made training here on How to Customize Your Y
September 19, 2020
Wow! Its Saturday and its time to see what we accomplished this past week. LOL, I missed it last night, didn't I?Alrighty, what did we accomplish this past week? We spent more time dedicated to our full time job, so I don't think we will have accomplished as much.However, I did put some jobs out on a writing page, so that helped a lot.Published 4 posts to my Bootcamp site!Published 3 posts to an up and coming site!Published 3 YouTube videos (affiliate related). I'm up to 55 site comments and se
September 15, 2020
Thanks to @szeeman for his YouTube give and take thread! That helped push me over 100 subscribers on one of my latest babies (YouTube channel).If you have a YouTube channel you should check out the Need YouTube comments? The give and take comment threadIt is a giving community of like minded WAmily members helping each other and sharing information and knowledge about YouTube.With that I'm going to have a beer tonight! \o/Tomorrow is hump day, so get back to work people!!!Cheers!Les
September 11, 2020
Wow! Its Friday night and its time to see what we accomplished this past week.Did you think about using Jaaxy for your WA blog post titles? You know mine here has a 25 QSR and 90 SEO?Where was I? Oh, yeah I'm trying to figure out what I did the past 7 days. Oh, boy!Really??? Holy cow!!! When I saw what I did below! Published 7 posts to my Bootcamp site!Published 1 post to my niche site (written from Upwork) with one more on order.Published 1 YouTube video (affiliate related). My beer videos I d
A pleasant surprise after editing one of my daily drink review videos on YouTube and logging back into WA!Woot!I hope to do more as I become more and more committed to achieving my goals here at WA and in my own business at home!I believe the two work hand in hand!!!One motivates me to produce quality content and the other motivates me to help others so they, too, can enjoy success here at WA!Have a great day!Cheers!Les
August 23, 2020
It's Sunday morning here in Germany and even though I am not religious I would like to thank that higher being for another day in this world!I would like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world!I would like to thank my close friends with whom I've shared experiences together we'll never forget!I would like to thank my wife for putting up with the dickhead I can be! :-PI would like to thank the WA family that helps to keep me motivated by a friendly smile, nudge, hello, follow, or mo
It's All Your Fault!!!I've taken the past few months to slow down my gaming "career" and take a look at where I want to be and how I'm going to get there. I know what I need to do, more or less, to get where I want to go, but....I don't get any work done because I'm waiting for you to tell me where we are going today! And then when we get back I'm too tired to do any work! It's all your fault I'm not getting things done so I can do this fulltime!Does that sound like you, even a little bit?Well,
Are you an Amazon Affiliate?Are you just starting and struggling to figure out what next product to review?Great! You are in luck! I'm going to give you a way to find the next product(s) or article with products to post on your site. I hope!Just the other day I was looking to see how my website was doing and as I was oohing and ahhing about the Amazon purchases I noticed that quite a few items weren't from my page. Of course, once someone visits Amazon there is a 24-hour window where you can st