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February 28, 2021
Hi WA family hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.I am one of those guys that never gets tired of getting my posts indexed and sharing the news with you. Google keeps changing, finding keywords and good traffic at least for me has become harder but I do believe the key is to keep on trying.Here is what was found in Google on February 17, 2021:Dangers Of 5g Networks HealthHere is what was found in Google on February 21, 2021:Empowering YourselfHere is what was found in Google on
February 16, 2021
Hi WA family. Hope everyone is doing well staying safe and well.5G Networks CautionsI was kind of out of the loop for a while. Just those silly personal issues. Well getting back to WA I was happy to see a few of my posts were indexed. There may be some of you who may not get as excited when your articles get indexed. I am not one of them.Best Home Fitness Home Work OutMetabolism and DietsHerbs Healthy LungsOral Health Care FactsMy next little article may cause a bit of controversy as it does n
February 01, 2021
Hi WA family. Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.First I was afraid even petrified thinking about how Google was doing me wrong, not indexing my posts. But today the 1st of February was good news. My feelings before today.They had had me hanging on a swing like a little puppy dog.The likeness is uncanny I know. Twas the end of December and going into late January. I kept writing posts and they were not being indexed.What was I doing wrong was my first thought, I searched my S
January 21, 2021
Hi everyone,Hope all is well.There have been some intermittent servers errors, but no worries as you see from the image above the tools are there. The big guys are working on the problem, and it will be fixed momentarily.From Carson: 5:30 PM ESTHey folks, we're working on these intermittent 500 server errors.From what I understand there are a lot of updates happening here at WA. You may have noticed that when you go to your ranking page, the last update was on January 15th for most countries, b
January 12, 2021
Hi WA family hope all is well. Everyone is staying safe and healthy.For the past couple of months, I have been struggling with my website, and quite frankly it has been a roller coaster ride. In live chat I have been getting help from Diane, Catherine, Joe, Shannon, well the list goes on. You get quick answers, develop friendships, and get help to grow your site. I find this to be a great source and I am very grateful. I also find it refreshing because there are times when I get to share someth
Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well staying safe and healthy.Recently there has been a fair bit of controversy over blog posts and comments in the WA forum. I just visited the page where Kyle has outlined the rules put in place to protect against spam and certain other items. Now, this is a copy and paste, so I am not sure if it will be published or not. Here goes:1) No unsolicited messages to be sent through private messaging. This will lead to the immediate removal of your ability to po
January 06, 2021
Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.Well, it has happened again. Yes, that awful feeling I get when the love that once was there, between my wonderful friend seems to have been blown away by a nasty storm. What have I done to offend you, my friend? Please if I have offended you, allow me to make things right.The first ball is how I feel today, the second how you made me feel prior. The third ball, I have to admit it, you got me just a little angry. I thought by p
December 31, 2020
Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well. Staying safe and healthy.Well for me this is a time of reflection and I will try to keep it related to WA. 2020 sure was an extreme roller coaster ride. In looking back I do not think I challenged myself enough because of this fear of failure. I also learned that if I do not conquer that fear, I have already failed. These are all lessons that I am intended to learn from. It all starts with taking that first step.I like being in my comfort zone. Unfortu
December 27, 2020
Hi WA Family, hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.I would just like to make a comment on all the help I get from the live chat forum. Unfortunately, I do not feel this resource gets the recognition it truly deserves. If I need a quick answer to a problem I may be having I go to, "Live Chat". It takes less than a minute before I have my answer. There are many knowledgeable individuals who seem to be on this forum on a regular basis. There are times I just go on live chat to rea
December 23, 2020
Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well. Staying safe and healthy.Just a quick note to express my gratitude to you my WA family, and wish you, A Happy Holiday Season and All The Very Best In The New Year.All the very bestMichael