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Good morning from asia fellow WA members. From the start of registering for this site till now, has been a fun and exciting journey for me, although it has only been less than a month from my registration till now.Fun is more to what i learnt since i am very interested in website creating and i haven't been able to find a site that can coach or guide through the process of making it. WA provides lessons and even free site making programs and free domains, great benefits of joining this site. Re
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So this is the 2nd blog post in my WA journey. I had set up my website to my niche which is on PC gaming. Am currently on course 2 lesson 10, slowly making my website working and i am seeing progress. My website has been indexed and i had added some content which i felt is informative on the niche i am sharing on. I am quite happy with the website and i am going to improving more on the website so to prepare the website for revenue generation which i know i will learn thru the course. I am plan
April 13, 2017
This will be my first blog since i joined WA since Monday. Hahah xDWell i have since learnt quite abit about affiliate marketing. I had long knew about affiliate marketing but had since stopped doing as no one "coached" me and show me the ropes. Since then i went on my normal employee life. I had joined some of the direct smarketing lls company and went for a few trainings on mindsets and inner building. And i finally came across WA while i was reading something abt scam on jack's website. And