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Rejoice with me. I just earned my dedication badge today.
I am seeking to learn from this community various ways you would recommend for building backlinks to a blog. Here's a few ways I know:1. Pay for Links2. Get Links for free3. Press releasesetc.Also let us know which one is currently working for you.I'll be grateful to get your contributions in the comment boxes below.
Today, being exactly 6 months since I joined this great community, I earned my Dedication Badge.I therefore seize this opportunity to say a big thank you to the Founders, Kyle and Carson, Neil Jay, and every other member of this wonderful community!I could not have made it this far without you all.Best wishes to you all!Lawal.
For the first time since I joined WA in January this year, one of my 40 posts just made it to the very #1 spot on Google. See screenshot!This very post was on #3 spot a week or so ago.I decided to see if I could move higher by embedding a Youtube video when I discovered my competitor who was on the #1 spot then had 3 videos on their own post and targetting the same keyword as I am.An important lesson I learned here: Try to do better than your competition and you could outrank them!As if that wa
In this "Simple Business Execution Plan" training series", you will learn how to set, stick to and achieve your business goals in simple 6 easy steps.In the previous training we discussed "4 ways to do competitor research analysis in your niche"If you've got some tasks or a to-do list for your business but you're finding difficult to take action, follow these 6 easy steps. They will help you take action quickly.Step 1: Work Out What You Need to DoThe more specific you make your tasks and to do
I decided to check how far all my 36 posts have been doing since I joined WA 3 months ago.I'm so happy to see a post I created on Feb. 26, 2019 on No. 5 spot (page 1) on Google, and on No. 1 spots on both Yahoo and Bing.That's not all. I found 16 other posts of mine on page 1 of Bing or Yahoo.Here's a summary of positions on the 3 search engines:No 1 spot on Google: 1 postNo 1 spot on Yahoo: 3 postsNo 1 spot on Bing: 2 postsNo 2 spot on Yahoo: 1 postNo 2 spot on Bing: 1 postNo 4 spot on yahoo:
In this simple business execution plan you'll find that almost all of the most popular websites in your niche, as you'll see further in this training, are vital for the growth of your own website.7 Simple Things You Need to Know Regarding Your NicheWho your competition is. Who the authorities in your niche are. Who you can network with. Where to get traffic from (guest posting, blog comments, content marketing etc). Where to get inspiration from (for content, marketing and products et
I just created a new post some hours ago using a new Keyword I researched in Jaaxy yesterday. Then I submitted the URL of this post to Google, Yahoo and Bing immediately afterwards.Out of curiousity I decided to see my ranking in Jaxxy for this new keyword a few minutes ago. To my surprise, It's already ranked on the No 9 spot on Yahoo! Whao!!This discovery drives home the fact that long tail keywords rank websites much faster than short ones, and more importantly that Wealthy Affiliate trainin
Every single one of your potential target audience will have a different “awareness level” towards you, the problem they face, about your niche as a whole, your competitors, the products on offer and the solutions available.This is simply due to how long they've been aware of their problem and / or how long they've been interested in your niche.Think about it, some may have recently developed their problem or just begun to become interested in the niche for the first time.These &ldq
Most people use Google Search Console just to see what keywords their sites are ranking for. You can do that but you can do even more. The reason you should use Google Search Console, especially if you want to rank number 1 on Google, is for this specific tactic:To see all the keywords that are driving majority of your trafficYou can also see what pages those keywords are driving traffic to. Now, make sure you include the keywords in the title tags and the meta descriptions of those pages.Make