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June 11, 2020
I´m on the second level of training and was thinking that everything was going so slowly, but then I realized that this is all a learning process and it takes time and effort. I got a bit caught up in writing on the the SiteComment page for a day or two. I can now see that really I should be concentrating on the training and I´m just putting lesson 6, the visuals, into place. There´s so much on here and I have to admit to being a bit impatient at times. I started working i
I´m very happy today as I managed to get my first article finished. I was doing it last night and then started overthinking it so I left it until today and that turned out better. It´s quite fun writing about things that I´m interested in and have a passion for. I also got ranked on Google before I´d done my article, even though the only thing on there was my bio. I´m hoping that´s a good sign. All the best to you all. Stephen.
That is so nice to get a wee certificate for completing level 1. Now I´m looking forward to the next level. All the best and much success to you all. Stephen.
I have just gone through the keyword training section and I enjoyed it immensely. I had upgraded to Premium after a few days and was able to search as much as I wanted. It becomes quite clear how helpful the Jaxxy tool is and I´m looking forward to getting more content on my website and then using the keywords to get my site better ranked. I really feel that we are quite a community on here and it´s nice to know that I have so many different options and ways to reach out to you a
I´m on today to get my website up and running. I´ve been a bit busy these past few days but now´s the time to start pulling it all together and get things done (like Brexit, lol). I´m still finding my way around the site and happy with everything so far. I´m very much of the opinion that I´ll only get out of it whatever I put into it, so better get a move on. Wishing everyone all the best. Stephen.
I´m looking forward to building my first site and making money with it. I wanted to upgrade before starting my website building as I think the advantages of Premium are really good and well worthwhile. Cheers to you all. Stephen.
May 27, 2020
Hi everyone. I thought I´d do a little blog to explain my reasons for being on here at all. I have done a few things in my life, such as working in casinos as a croupier, inspector and pit boss and I can deal roulette, blackjack and craps. Being a craps dealer in the UK was a big deal as we don´t play it much and even when I first started in London I think there were only two dice tables out of 21 casinos in the city. I got into tour guiding in the late 90s and worked on a cruis