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Hello world, I'm Lana!

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I graduated from Grand Canyon University and am still trying to figure out this thing called life. I live in Phoenix, AZ with my boyfriend whom I plan to marry. My goal is to inspire others to live out their dreams, whatever they may be. I have many hobbies including hiking, swimming, painting, being crafty, binge watching Netflix, stargazing, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying each and every day. I am a people person who loves being around others, and I am a hugger!
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Money I would be happy earning
Any amount would be great!
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Enough to make a living!
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I'm all in!
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Aug 12, 2019
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lana99808 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
Any amount would be great!

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Enough to make a living!

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I'm all in!
Kyle Premium
Those are wonderful goals Lana and I can tell you firsthand that these are more than achievable. When I started out I had very similar goals and with some hard work and dedication, I exceeded any goals that I could have ever initially set.

You will get there if you invest some hard work and dedication to this, I don't have any doubt. :)
megawinner Premium
Amazing. You are so ready. All the best. Go for it without letting up, focus! You are on the right platform, you only have to be consistent in these endeavors. One day at a time. You may want to read my posts which might help you achieve your goals. I wish you the very best on your journey in WA.
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GazBower Premium
Hello Lana and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.
I am sure with all your interests you will find a great niche market to start your business.
I would encourage you to go through the training and ask questions if you get stuck with anything.
I wish you success.
Best wishes

J-KWest Premium
I hope you are enjoying your experience so far and have been able to get a little more comfortable with the community (as well as work through some of the training).

I’m just reaching out today to offer my help. I was trying to remember my first few days here and I always appreciated when others reached out to me and offered their help (and for whatever reason, I was hesitant to ask for it myself).

I also want to mention a couple BONUSES I’m going to be sending you if you do decide to upgrade to the Premium membership.

**** QUICK ACTION BONUS # 1 ****

Along with WA's "first seven days" early upgrade offer to Premium...

… I wanted to add that I'll also be sending you the “7 Factor Secret Sauce” video which was a special bonus that was offered during Black Friday only (and has never been offered since). I will instantly send this to your private inbox here at Wealthy Affiliate when you go Premium.

This bonus is over 1.5 hours of training based on experiences of Kyle, a 17 year affiliate marketing "veteran", that is literally going to break down WHY people are succeeding online, WHY people are failing, and what YOU can be doing to ensure your success online.

Sometimes it’s just one piece of information that “clicks” and changes everything.

There’s been a few "light bulb" moments like that for me, but one that really stands out was when another blogger asked me if I was just “entertaining” people or if I was actually helping them solve a problem.

I know that might seem obvious, and looking back at it, it is… but it was huge realization for me at the time and exactly what I needed to start making serious money online.

Those "light bulb" moments are different for everyone, which is why being connected to people like Kyle and others who have traveled this road before is so important to your success.

**** QUICK ACTION BONUS # 2 ****

Your second bonus is a *personal website audit* from me.

I wasted a ton of time on several sites learning the hard way and starting over from scratch. I always tell my kids that mistakes are our best teachers, and that’s true… but time is also important (especially for those of us who are a little older :-)

I don’t want to lose a single second if I don’t have to and I’m sure you don’t either.

Having your site audited by someone who’s been there and made those mistakes before is a huge time saver. It can save you many months (even years) of going in the wrong direction only to find out later you’ve been doing something wrong. Make sure to reach out to me when you’re ready to take advantage of this bonus.

And of course… when you join Premium you are also going to get the KEY to the community/platform here at WA, a platform that is by far the best and most comprehensive in the industry, and one that evolves almost daily. It’s an incredible place to make your home and set-up and run your online businesses from.

If you want to upgrade, you can do so here:


But no pressure. Continue working through the training, taking action, and let me know if you have any questions or need any help at all as you continue to move forward :-)

J-KWest Premium
Hope you're finding your way around okay and enjoying your first 24 hours here at WA.

I wanted to stop in today to say Hi and give you a bit of direction just in case you're feeling the slightest bit stuck or overwhelmed.

Everything begins with the “core” training at Wealthy Affiliate - The Online Entrepreneur Certification Training. This is a very comprehensive course and is going to walk you through the process of building a business online.

I know there can be a lot to take in and a common question I see asked is what "the business" involves.

While the training explains everything in detail, the "big picture" so to speak is this...

We learn to generate traffic through search engines (there are other ways we do this but to start we want search engine traffic). That's because search engine traffic is "free"... and it's also traffic that is coming to you, from people who are already searching for something.

In other words, you are not selling or trying to convince people they need something. They are already searching for something and the training is going to show you not only how to get this traffic but how to earn an income from it (this is the same training I've taken and it has given me tens of thousands of visitors each month).

The primary way we earn money is through affiliate commissions. These are commissions paid to you when someone who was searching for a product (or even searching for help with something) comes to your website and makes a purchase through one of your affiliate links.

I'm probably over-complicating my explanation here but the training will show you each step you need to follow :-)

The amazing part about all of this though is that your traffic and commissions come in whether you're online or not. You can be out buying groceries or even sleeping (the internet does not sleep, and your traffic comes in 24/7) :-D

It does NOT happen overnight though... meaning this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

But as long as you're following the training, taking action and getting help when you need it (we are all here to answer your questions and provide guidance along the way)... it does happen.

Anyway... that's the basic gist of how it works.

It goes...

[Internet traffic] >> [your website] >> [affiliate offers]... and then you earn commissions.

Now, that's the simple version. Once you have traffic there are many more ways you can earn money but I just wanted to explain the "big picture" just in case you haven't reached that part of the training yet.

I think it's in lesson 4 where the process of building your business online is explained, as well as how to go about choosing the direction (or niche) you want your business to go in. You will have your very own niche website up and running.

Another challenge some people have is being a little shy to “take action” simply because they worry they might do something wrong. Don't worry...

I can assure you there are no major mistakes you can make. In fact, mistakes are encouraged. Mistakes are how we learn... and you have help every step of the way if you ever need a hand with anything!

As you begin your journey it's all about LEARNING. It's not about "hitting it out of the park" from the start or getting it just perfect.

I can't count how many mistakes I've made along the way (and still make), or how many times I've had to go back and figure out where I went wrong... but I'm still here and despite my stumbles and screw ups, I earn my income online today :-)

Just in case you haven't made it to the course yet, here's the link... (or click “Training” in the main menu, and choose the “Getting Started” course)

So, once you get rolling through the training, you are going to see your business take shape very quickly.

Again... if you ever need a hand with anything at all please ask for help... simply click "Reply" to this comment, and leave your reply below.

I do my best to check in here a few times each day so I'll be here to help you out along with many other experts that are available 24/7 within the community.

Talk soon :-)
J-KWest Premium
Just popping in with a quick heads up about how and where to access help at Wealthy Affiliate.

First of course is to hit reply to any of my messages or leave me a message on my profile. There are also comment threads underneath each training module.

At the top of your Wealthy Affiliate screen you'll notice a search bar, and along the left hand side there are buttons for [Live Chat] and [Help Center]. Premium members also have access to private messaging which is great for one-on-one coaching and personal topics.

Here's a blog post from one our senior members here Nathaniel which explains the benefits of each of these... As always, let me know if there's anything I can help with and I'll touch base again shortly :-)

J-KWest Premium
Hi Lana...

There's a lot here at Wealthy Affiliate to take in, so I just wanted to follow up on my previous message and provide a quick "orientation" of sorts.

The community is also available to help if you need anything, and... Kyle or Carson (Wealthy Affiliate's co-founders) often stop by and welcome new members. Just hit reply to any of our messages if you need anything.

A quick reminder of what you're getting today for free...

>> 10 over-the-shoulder step-by-step lessons showing you exactly how to make money online. These lessons including videos, text, progress checklists and forums to ask questions.
(The link from my previous message will take you directly to these lessons)

>> Your'e also getting private access to me for 1-on-1 help.

>> Community access so you can talk to and learn from industry experts.

>> Access to member's blogs, many who have documented their journey and tell you exactly what it's like... their struggles and successes.

>> Two free websites

>> A live example of the money making process.

>> You’re going to see a real example in the training of a simple website in a weird niche that had no competition (until it was shown here) and still brings in $400 - $1000 a month in passive income.
(No... it's not a ton of money but this is passive income from a simple website that requires very little maintenance).

>> You'll learn how you can turn "your" passions and interests into completely independent passive income. This is NOT some MLM product. You will learn how to create your business in your own niche and under your full control.

In fact, no one here even has to know what your business is about unless you share it, but that's your choice.

>> You're also getting some really helpful online tools that make what we do here way easier than it used to be.

A couple other things to keep in mind...

Don't be afraid to reach out to me or the community for help, everyone here is extremely helpful and it is truly a rare opportunity. This is an exclusive community with many members who have years of valuable knowledge and experience and they are happy to share.

As I mentioned above, you can even read their personal blogs which in a lot of cases document their progress and tell you what they've learned, the mistakes they've made and the success they've had.

For anyone who really wants to make money online, this information is absolutely critical.

As you probably know, there are two main reasons most people fail online... the first is the most obvious - fake "gurus" and scams.

The second is that people try to do this all on their own.

I can't stress how important it is to have a community around you and that the members here... especially the super affiliates, are sharing their knowledge and experience with you, but they DO NOT have anything financially to gain from you.

They are only giving back to the community that taught them how to be successful too.

I need to say that again because it's so important.

They are not sharing information with the purpose of getting something out of you. This is NOT like watching someone's "webinar" on YouTube where they try to sell you something after.

This is an entirely "spam free" place where we all hang out. No one is going to promote or sell you anything.

You also won't find any ads or offers here, with one exception...

Sometimes you'll see some exclusive offers for starter members to try out the premium membership, or occasionally the membership prices go on sale (Black Friday for example)... but those are exclusive Wealthy Affiliate offers...

... this is not place for other members to promote their products or sell anything.

You can always get access to me for one-on-one help by leaving a message on my profile https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/j-kwest (as well as responding directly to this message).

I know you're probably skeptical, and I can promise you, I was too. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2016 and I just didn't believe a place like this existed online.

But I'm still here and because of Wealthy Affiliate I have not had a boss in a long time.

Once you start going through the training like I did though, and meeting some of the other members you'll find out this is the real deal.

And you're not alone. We all had doubts when we started.

I look forward to getting to know you and following your success. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's something you need.