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May 15, 2015
Hello friendeHere an inspiring, encouraging and true success story. I hope it will keep the hope , Happy weekend. Lamia
May 06, 2015
Here good read when you face the frustration ghost or when you forget your dream.Don´t give up.
May 01, 2015
Pinterest is my favorite social media. It can reflect your personality, your interests, and your passions. I have started creating boards and pins for my hobby (crochet), but Pinterest was a wonderful discovery it is much more than that.I am using Pinterest to find new ideas to my posts in the website, free images for my posts, free infographics, and to pin from my website to my boards and to the group boards. The pins are referring pinners to my website. It is one of my important sites to gener
April 13, 2015
Hello WA friends The lessons and trainings here in WA taught us the importance of the social media for our websites. From the beginning, I knew the importance of them because I came here by following a pin in my group board in Pinterest. Pinterest was my biggest source of traffic. It was helpful. When the SEO started to work the direct source now is the major source. Everyone has a talent with a form of social media. Some are very successful with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pin
Hello WA family I had a nightmare last Sunday. My website was conquered by strangers from all over the world .They started to register their name as administrators in my website then they have posted their posts through my website. I started by deleting the posts and the names manually but they came back over and over again .Then I sent SOS call to WA members to help me out .It was Sunday but the friends did not leave me alone .They were asking and giving me advices .I tried everything .Unti
March 06, 2015
Hi WA family It has been one month and a half since i have started my beautiful journey with WA . I am truly in a life changing process . I feel that I am learning ,socializing and growing every day . My vision has changed totally toward almost every thing . The social media is not for hanging out anymore . The thoughts , problems and lessons of life are becoming niches instead of problems . I have started to think about things around me like WA point of view . The lesson that I
March 02, 2015
Hi I am really enjoying each day with wealthy affiliate , A life changing process is taking place for sure . Different aspects of my personality are developing . I have to admit that learning digital marketing was a wise decision . A long way in one month . I know that there is a lot more to learn . BUT I am so excited to learn .Here I wanted to share my point of view with WA family . A lot of friends have asked me how I can do a lot of things, even some of them told me that I have t
February 22, 2015
Hi friends I came to WA from a pin I in my group board ((working from home )) at ((lami33)).At that time i did not even dream of the great adventure that i will be going through. The warm welcoming was so encouraging,so I started with the first level ,I FELT SECURE ,because I was like most of us already have tried a lot of scam . I need to confess that it was not easy to learn specially because I do not have a background so I went into so many dark zones I WAS ALWAYS ASKING
January 26, 2015
Hi there I am a middle aged mom , I studied dentistry ,, I worked for 3 years then I stopped because My family is constantly traveling with my husband's job .so I can't keep a permanent job ,, I love my profession as a dentist . But I can't practice it anywhere ,, when my children went to school I had the time to look for a job ,, a long , hard and beautiful journey ,, so I am here to reassure moms and housewives who made the big sacrifice of abandon their jobs for their families sake ,and