Achieve SUPER AFFILIATE Status in the Year Ahead!

Last Update: January 10, 2022

2022 has arrived and that means a brand new year of opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate to achieve Super Affiliate status here within the platform as one or our top affiliates. We are just ramping up to this year's Las Vegas Conference, and we are absolutely pumped about our discussions and look forward to having a good time with the Super Affiliates, with the all expenses paid trip.

There has never been a year in our existence that we have been more excited about than this year. We have a lot of projects going on behind the scenes, and the "state" of Wealthy Affiliate has never been better. The community is strong, the service continues to innovate and evolve, and we continue to strive for perfection

On the affiliate side, this also means there has never been more opportunity to promote WA and achieve success. Not only is Wealthy Affiliate converting better than ever, the number of people moving online and being interested in starting an online business has never been this vast. Now is a better time than ever to get rolling within the "make money" industry.

So How Do You Achieve Super Affiliate Status?

Becoming a "Super Affiliate" of WA is fairly straight forward. If you can make 300 unique Premium/Premium Plus+ referrals between January 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022, you will get an invitation to the 2023 Annual Super Affiliate Conference down in Vegas.

It is only going to get easier to achieve the Super Affiliate criteria as time goes on and the service continues to improve here at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are now close to 5 BILLION (yes, with a B) people online with internet access, and all you need to do is help 300 of these people become aware of their capability to start an online business, doing something they love. There is no service like Wealthy Affiliate in the industry, and we are going to evolve and innovate at a "breakneck speed" as we march forward as the industry leaders.

You will also see attendees for past years frequently there every year. The reason is, once you get your business moving in the right direction, it becomes almost hands free to achieve Vegas in the subsequent years. The reality is that a business in this industry is completely scalable and if you can earn 300 sales, you can earn 3,000...or beyond.

We are seeing affiliates scale their businesses like never before, and we are seeing affiliate recurring revenues from past years driving income to affiliates for MANY years beyond their initial point of referral. It is truly driving "residual" and sustainable businesses to folks here within the community.

We would absolutely love to have you there next year!

Vegas + You = 2023. Let's Make it Happen.

So how does the trip go down? The Super Affiliate Conference is typically 3-4 days in length, and since inception it has been hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada! The reason we have chosen Vegas is that there is never a boring moment, and there truly is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

It is not just about gambling and drinking (although that does exist). The food scene is incredible, the culture is amazing, there are many picturesque sites to see close by...and there are the most nightly shows & events per capita anywhere in the world. Not to mention the sports teams with the Golden Knights (hockey) and the Raiders (football). It is a happening place, and everyone really looks forward to the trip every year...even those that have been going for the past 7-8 years.

This year will be no exception, we have some really awesome things planned!

As a quick overview, here are just some things included in the ALL INLCLUSIVE and very much exclusive trip:

  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates!
  • You will learn about our plans for WA in 2023/2024 (brilliant stuff coming)
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for (flight, hotel, etc)!
  • We will be giving you "extra" $$$ to use however you like
  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accomodations
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners, etc)
  • Delicious food catered throughout the day
  • New Surprises, we keep things interesting ever year!
  • You will be heading home with our latest and greatest WA swag
  • You will be in the best shape EVER in terms of your business!

This can and will be you if you put forth the effort and please do know that you have an entire community of help to help you out every step of the way. 300 sales. Ready. Set. Go!

And for those that are over-achievers, we have a Super Affiliate 2.0 incentive program...

3,000 Sales = Vegas AMPLIFIED!

If you can achieve 3,000 sales in a calendar year, you are going to get the royal Vegas treatment. It starts with a Bentley Mulsanne picking you up on arrival. There are actually only 10 of these in the world and the MGM has ordered 5 of them.

You will get put up in your very own exclusive Skyloft, and you will have your own Butler for the entire stay in Vegas. The reality is, if you can achieve 100 sales, you can achieve 3,000. It is a matter of just doing more of what you are already doing!

How You Can Achieve Super Affiliate Status?

So what is it going to take for YOU to get to Vegas next.

There are a few things, but the first one I want to hone in on is pretty straightforward.

(1) Work ethic.

I know I am one to emphasize this, whereas others may tell you to "work smarter" or "work more efficiently", or to "be resourceful". These things are all great, and they are certainly things that I focus on all the time. But if you are doing all of these things, and working really freakin' hard on top of that, you are going to out compete 95% of all the competition out there on the Internet. Plus with what you have access to here at WA, the bleeding edge training and regular live classes, robust research tools, an elite website platform, the industry leading hosting,

(2) Training (Affiliate Bootcamp). The training is going to be refreshed with more consistency than ever, and I am going to be presenting Bootcamp in a way that is going to lead to the most success ever. As with all training, user interfaces change and there needs to be some minor updates to certain parts of the existing training (much of which has already been done).

But this year I am going to be adding at least ONE new level to the training which I am excited about, a ton of new videos, some new concepts, and we are going to be releasing brand new platforms/technology for affiliates that you can leverage to amplify sales.

Additionally, I am going to be running MONTHLY strategy sessions throughout the year, so you can take part in those as both a Premium or Premium Plus+ member. If you haven't registered for these classes, you can register to all of them here:

===> Register Here: Affiliate Bootcamp - 2022 Strategy Sessions

These are going to be ongoing, and run monthly. They will offer insights into new promotional strategies and ways you can advance your affiliate revenue and grow your affiliate business through the promotion of WA!

(3) Persistence. Like work ethic, persistence is one the "it" factors that all successful folks naturally do (or maybe not naturally all the time, but they work to understand the importance of it). There are times in business when you are going to want to just give up.

These are mini "tests", and one that will take out of a lot of newcomers to the business world. People get impatient, and give up...but in all reality, quitting is the ONLY way you can fail in business. To this day I still have these tests, almost daily and I have learned that these are merely building blocks to much greater success.

Through the year you will run into things that will truly work really well and that will progress you quickly towards success (or more success), and you will also experience moments that will hit you and take you back a few steps. That's fine. That is part of business and the more you come to appreciate the journey, not the race, the more success you will ultimately achieve.

Go through the training, work hard, take consistent action, and remain persistent. We will be focusing on innovating, evolving and improving the product at WA through the year ahead to make YOUR life much easier, and to amplify affiliate commissions to a level that we have not seen. 2022 is going to be a brilliant year.

And that leads me to...

Are You Going to Be a Super Affiliate in 2022?

I would love to hear your feedback below and if you are planning on promoting WA and what are you willing to do to create a full time business and sit at the board room table with us in early 2023 at our Super Affiliate Conference. And of course, if you plan on making it next year?!

PS. We are going to be reporting back after we attend this year's conference at the end of January. Of all years we have been doing this, we have never been more excited about our plans, our direction, and the overall vision we have for Wealthy Affiliate. BIG things are ahead, with an emphasis on making our product, service and community more and more brilliant with each day that passes.

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Richuack Premium
This is absolutely awesome !!!

One thing I have been wondering these first hours I've spent in this platform is: how come I did not come across WA a few year ago??? But then again there's no time to look back, but forward !!!

Since at this point I am going to carve time out of my workday for this, I will be doing this on a part-time basis. Still I believe the premium/premium plus 300 referrals GOAL is doable. So for that I will gunning this 2022 year !!!

If this becomes a full-time income, I'd be very tempted to dedicate full-time to this endeavor to scale it up. And perhaps in due time the 3000 Vegas Amplified may become an achievable goal.

So, onward !!! 🚀
Kyle Premium Plus
We hear that all the time. We have been here, and we have been the leaders in this industry for the past 16 years. Now that you have found us, you can focus on the future that you have ahead of you!

And 300 is definitely doable in the year ahead, in particular with the training, tools and support you have here. I have also started my monthly Strategy Sessions for Bootcampers that I recommend that you tune into.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
2021 was a year of mixed experiences and getting diverted in both the shiny objects syndrome and losing focus of my real why I started out with affiliate marketing.

Even if I missed many of my targets last year, the learning curve has been beyond anything I can imagine. The knowledge and the lessons learned from 2021 will come to good use in 2022 in sharing the journey with others who want to crush it as affiliate marketers

I am using all of it in the ongoing reboot of my affiliate marketing venture and one of the milestones for 2022 is to hit the magic number 300 in my WA dashboard.

The WA platform has, again and again, proved its worth.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Roy, you continue to be amazing and someone I admire and value very much, in and out of WA.

The important thing is that you have learned and you understand that to achieve what you want to, you have to make changes.

My suggestion: Stick to the basics and repeat, repeat, repeat.
Our business really is simple.

You have all the support that you need.

Friends, always.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Cassi. Your advice and feedback are always sound and straight to the point.

When you say something, write on your timeline (WA or outside of WA), people should listen. It is "golden nuggets" every time.

Since last week it is back to the basics and the winning recipe. Research, keywords, blogging, publishing and repeat, every day :-)

Kyle Premium Plus
That is always how it works, we learn lots from the prior year and we use these failures and successes as information to drive our business even higher in the year ahead.

I know you are going to hit the magic 300 this year Roy and I really look forward to seeing your accomplishment and your progress in business in the year ahead.

Please keep us updated with your progress!
roysinOnline Premium Plus
I going to do an update every end of the month. Looking forward to seeing how January will turn out.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are back on track, Roy, and I encourage you to keep that momentum going.
It is the heart of our online success.

So good to see you focused!

roysinOnline Premium Plus
And it is good to feel at home again after months in the wilderness :-)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

When I joined WA in October 2019, I was at a very low point and on the verge of giving up my dream of building an online business to create the lifestyle I wanted.
In 2 years, all that changed and I am truly grateful for all that WA has helped me achieve.

As you know, I went via the route of establishing an agency-type business providing online services for individuals and businesses.
I ended 2021 on the brink of 6-digit revenue!
All thanks to you, Carson and all that WA offers.

I never gave up!

In 2022, with the revamped Bootcamp training, all the Premium+ classes and the support, I intend to personally align my efforts towards becoming a WA Super Affiliate.
That is my medium-term goal. :-)

So, count me in!
It is going to be an AMAZING journey!!

Kyle Premium Plus
Amazing Cassi, you should be so proud of your accomplishments! You are a valued family member of the community here and we would love nothing more than to have you down in Vegas one of the years (if not next year).

Wishing you nothing but amazing things in the year ahead!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
That truly means a lot to me, Kyle, and I am so grateful for being here and having the support that I do.

WA Super Affiliate is now my mantra!

Continued good health and all the very best to you, Carson and our WA team.

andrew2013 Premium
Who knows next year may be the year that more persons make it to Vegas than any other year. Just because of the new training.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I think you may be on to something there, Andrew!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, I love that mantra!
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Kyle (& Carson)...

As usual, you two (and the WA platform) set the standard for online marketing business training and support in the affiliate niche as opposed to following the standard.

It sounds very much like this is to continue. The likes of others, including myself and our operations/team, respect that.

I consider our approach and your approach to online business to be similar, yet each is unique and offers value to students/members.

What is interesting to me is that the approaches seem to be converging over time in many aspects.

For instance, the training classes offered here are becoming more diverse in regards to the subject matter. I look at the trainers, the areas covered, and the feedback - all indicate this has been a good move...

We use this approach as well...

IMO, every member you have can benefit from the main path as laid out here, i.e. the roadmap presented in the beginner and advanced training courses, as I have over the years.


Members will also forge their own path on their journey to a degree and especially as their life situations might indicate. For instance, some have a need to earn money as quickly as possible.

Others treat the business as a hobby, not too serious and not too much effort, but the social aspect is inviting. They have no immediate need to generate cash.

Yet others will combine one or more of the available online business models in addition to affiliate marketing to create new revenue streams from the same efforts...

In essence...

Some people want to jump over tall buildings while others are okay with walking slowly up small hills...That is all okay, as members are following the path they choose to forge.

It fits my view of the state of online business/life in general...

My philosophy is that each person has their own set of circumstances, and one shoe (or plan/guide/roadmap)will not fit everyone.

In that light, the more options we can provide (or add to the basic tenets in the training) the better. This seems to be the direction your platform is heading.

Of course, that additional information/training can become quickly overwhelming for many, so drip-feeding or delaying the introduction of some concepts and core competencies is a good thing...


Keeping/refining/improving/updating the core training and system in place makes sense, as people will naturally develop their initial set of skills, interests, and business from that basic foundation provided.


Once they do progress to the point they are ready for more complex operations, the training and guidance will be there for them - right here and not somewhere else.

IMO, that is how you keep recurring memberships alive (and provide real value too)!

Anyway, enough of my bantering...

Enjoy the conference, be safe, and I am sure this year it will be like no other due to the endemic or pandemic COVID situation! Maybe people will lose less money at the slots!

The event is truly something to strive to qualify for, as you have so succinctly laid out above! There will be a lot of gold nuggets as usual no doubt.

Lastly, thanks for the update, motivational message, and...

All the best for the coming year for you both and all here.

Let's make it the most successful year ever (I plan on this and will work very hard to make that happen for our operation for sure, as I am sure you both and members will too)... starts with a vision (board)... ; )


Dave : )
Kyle Premium Plus
Well said Dave. Every person's progress, and every business is going to look different and that is something that we can appreciate here.

Of course, we have also learned a great deal about HOW people create a business and the different ways in which they can approach business and still be very successful online.

That is one of the key reasons for classes and having many different minds offering classes, we all think differently and we approach business in different ways...but that doesn't mean one is better than the other. Collectively, all of them can be great and the more you know, the easier it is to navigate the various hills and road blocks that you will come across in business.

Thanks for offering your insights here as well. Wishing you an amazing 2022 ahead Dave!
silverflamze Premium
Thanks, Kyle,

Great reminder about work ethic. I like how you say if we work smarter and consistently, then we are doing more than 95% of other competition in the online world.

That surely is a great incentive!

I have subscribed for your 2022 Strategy sessions. I won't be missing that.

Kind regards
homemoney33 Premium Plus
How do you subscribe for the 2022 Strategy Sessions?

Kyle Premium Plus
You can subscribe to these here:
Kyle Premium Plus
Work harder is the key, we are going to condition you here to work smarter so that part will be taken care of for you. See you at the Strategy Sessions Erica! :)
homemoney33 Premium Plus
Thank you!
silverflamze Premium
Thanks, Kyle :)

I know you are so right. WA does condition oneself to work smarter.