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October 22, 2016
Hello!I've been working on my site for a while now. One of the lessons we take encourages us to sign up for a Google Adsense account. I went through the process, was ready to go, and...WHAT??? Denied. Needed more content. So I worked on my site some more and tried again. Denial #2. Today, I decided that maybe the third time is the charm. I've added quite a bit of content to my site and felt like it was in a good place.Yeah! I have finally been approved. So if you've been denied by the
October 19, 2016
I'm working on Course 2, Lesson 7 of the WA Bootcamp and the final task is to share 3 posts within WA. On the other lessons that seem to have a specific place where we should share, but I didn't see it in that lesson, so I am sharing here. I hope that is the right place. If not, please let me know the proper place to go.Thanks!…ld-do-i-n
I've been busy creating my website and creating content an trying to incorporate the suggestions people have kindly made about my website. Every time I think about closing down my computer, I get another idea and I figure "just a few more minutes". I must say, seeing something you've created on your own come together is nothing short of amazing. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for a while!Best of luck to everyone on their journeys. I hope you all are having a wonderful day!
Quite simply no. I woke up this morning to work on my blog. I'm trying my hand at "webmaster" and so I moseyed on over the Google Analytics to see what it was all about. I checked the error thingy to make sure that all was right in the world with my website. I get a message about there being 42 errors on my site related to robot.txt not liking my urls. I didn't know what that meant and quite honestly still don't.I figured I'd take a chance and post a question to the community, hoping that
October 16, 2016
Most of the time we think about what got us started on our online business journey, whether it be financial freedom, or spending more time with friends and family. We're excited, we're motivated. We feel like we could write ten posts a day forever.But sometimes you hit a wall......I hope I'm not the only one who's been there.When you don't think you can write another single word or when the income is not coming in as fast as you would have hoped, what keeps you going? What makes you decide t
August 06, 2016
I've just finished up Course 2 of the certification course and boy does it feel good! The first thing I must say is that there is no way that I could have done it without the help of the community. Bmontes saved the day when I was at my wits end in trying to figure things out. Thank you!I'm starting over a little bit with my niche, but feel better the second time around.I don't think I've ever worked this hard while having this much fun at the same time. I hope to be building something tha
April 09, 2016
WA Followers.....Thank you so much for everyone who has connected with me and given me the pleasure of being able to follow them (I'm following 101 at the time I write this). It's so amazing to be able to build a community of people who have the same passion. Who would have thought that just a week ago, I was agonizing over whether to even join the program. By far the best $19 I've ever invested in myself and my family. If this is what the first 7 days are like, I'm excited for what the fut
April 07, 2016
It's not what you think.......So I've discovered something about myself. I realize that although I spend ALOT of time in front of a computer, I'm still a big fan of pen and paper. When I first started out, I went to my local dollar store and purchased one of those little black composition books. I take it everywhere (if I could figure out how to make it waterproof, it'd probably follow me into the shower. If an idea strikes me, I can write it down no matter where I am. At the grocery stor
April 03, 2016
I felt like the new kid at school signing up for WA. Am I going to meet nice people? Will I like my teachers? What classes am I going to take?And now I'm here.......and I love it. I agonized over my decision on whether to join WA. The internet is full of places where they promise to take you to the moon and you end up closer to the city dump. I researched reviews and looked for complaints and finally after a short email exchange with Kyle, decided to pull the trigger. After all it's free