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July 29, 2020
After 2 years of ups and downs, missed goals, multiple health issues, I'm still here! AND... I'm not giving up, backing out or walking away.I will eventually get it right and make it work. You want to know why? Because everything I need is right here in front of me, and once I get my ducks in a row (or even find my ducks) I know what to do.My lack of accomplishment thus far rests directly with me, so there is no reason I can't overcome this. ME is the one thing I can control!To all my WA friend
It's with great joy and complete surprise to report that my first year with WA has come and gone. It hasn’t been the rousing success I imagined when I first started but only due to my own shortcomings, not due to a lack of anything provided by this wonderful platform and community.What happened you ask? Mainly health issues, which continue to be on the on the increase in hot summer weather, and interfere not only with my life here at WA but with life in general. My pain can sometimes keep
May 26, 2019
Happy Memorial Weekend!I wanted to share a quick post about lessons learned from my Father.He is 92 although most wouldn’t guess it. His hair is still brown except for some gray at the temples. He lives alone since Mom passed 4 years ago and drives (very well I might add) does his own cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. He has turned the lawn care over to someone else...finally.He is extremely intelligent, always had many hobbies, and as the eldest child I was fortunate enough to spend the mo
January 29, 2019
I've been busy...being distracted!I haven't posted to the community for awhile, and there are a multitude of reasons, most of which you don't need (or want) to hear about. They include family issues, health issues, home repair issues, blah blah blah, you get the picture.When the Holidays loomed large on the horizon I found that I could easily (and with no regrets) use them as the excuse. Now that another month has passed after the Holiday season ended, although it seems like the blink of an eye
Black Friday special...done!Thanks Kyle & Carson for this wonderful opportunity. Even though I've been here just 4 short months I just upgraded to the Black Friday special price of $299 a year. There is no better way to get so much business training and knowledge for such a small investment.If someone had told me just a few short months ago that I would now know how to build my own website I would have laughed them out of the room. And yet...her I am, my first site is complete and growing a
November 08, 2018
I have come to the age where I understand that change is inevitable, and I even embrace it, especially when it comes to the seasons. I tend to complain if it stays hot for too long in the summer or cold for too long in the winter, but here in the Midwest U.S. each season changes just when I’ve had about enough!The first photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when the trees were showing off their multi colored outerwear before shedding it in preparation for winter. I love the smell of dryin
October 16, 2018
Happy Tuesday Wealthy Affiliates!I took a few days off and went to the beach in Galveston, TX for what is becoming an annual get together with children and grandchildren.Since I no longer fly my mode of travel is driving, and my dog Lucy accompanies me. It is fascinating to see different parts of the country by car, stopping about every 4 hours to fill our tummies and our gas tank and empty our bladders! I like the control driving allows me, being able to stop whenever I want to take a few pict
September 16, 2018
This is my Meyer lemon tree. It is now 3 years old. It produced no lemons the first year, and 3 the second year. This year it has doubled its output to 6 lemons, which are nearly ready to pick.I have to bring it indoors once the temperatures at night begin consistently falling below 50 degrees, which is quite a chore. I have a 2 wheel dolly that I load it onto and roll it inside to my guest room/office/storage/cat feeding station. This room has the southern facing window where it continues to t
September 11, 2018
It’s hard to imagine that 17 years have gone by since the attacks of 9-11.I remember it vividly. I was on the jetway boarding a plane in a Houston, TX when we were stopped at the door of the plane and herded back into the terminal. There was all our luggage in a roped off area being inspected by bomb sniffing dogs. The televisions were off and we had no idea what was happening. There were police and national guard everywhere.Once our luggage was returned to us we were told all flights wer
September 01, 2018
Imagine my surprise when I opened my WA website account today and saw the rank #199 staring me in the face!! I've only been a member since July and am definitely NOT one the higher producers of content in terms of blogs and words.Some things I DO that I believe are what contributed are:1-Always respond with a thank you to the people who follow me whether they are old hands or new members2-If they are new members always confirm that this is the best place for training and support from like-minde