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Hi Everyone,I took a long break from Wealthy Affiliate due to financial constraint. I couldn't resist this great offer from Kyle and Carson I decided to come back and continue my training.This is huge. Thanks to Kyle and Carson for making it possible to come back to this wonderful community. My dream to make money online has been revived and I hope to take full advantage!Thank you.
My website is ranked in google today. I am so excited after a hard work for the past 3 weeks. I want to thank you guys for all the help you have giving me so far. Thank you especially to Kathy, you always give me answers i need within minutes i put out my question. Thanks.
April 08, 2015
First of all I thank God for the opportunity to be alive today. I owe everything to him for loving me and sending his son Jesus to die for me and take my place. I am so excited about Wealthy Affiliate,. The support I have from Kyle and Carson and the entire WA commununity is simply amazing. I wish I had come across WA few years ago, It would have been wonderful. But am glad i here. Thank you guys!