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July 06, 2019
Hello everyone,I have earned dedication badge today! The dedication badge is given to a affiliate that is participating in the training and community as well as working on a successful website. I want to express my thanks to all of you here at Wealthy Affiliate that has given me a hand up. Thanks again for all the Affiliates here!Kevin
February 06, 2019
9 minutes 58 seconds Did you know that we only have a little over nine minutes to capture the attention of our audiences? You have precisely nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds. Before they will be distracted and move on to something else, and the exciting part about this is that we all have this internal clock embedded in us. Per John Medina, a molecular biologist at the University of Washington, after that you have to figure out some way to keep your visitor(s) engaged. I think it's fascinat
April 15, 2018
Hello, everyone,Today as I was researching my niche' I came across a new online book tool. I don't know if you know about the new book tool from Google but I thought I would share what I found. Google has released a new tool called "talk to books". This tool is not a keyword tool. The tool gathers several books together related to your inquiry. Imagine gathering all the information your researching in a matter of seconds. Without scanning the entire book for the information your searching. I fo
August 23, 2017
Hello, everyoneI seen that I had an Ambassador badge the other day. Not thinking it through. I did wonder how I achieved this badge. Then after finding out that there was a error with the new metrics I was relieved. My experience here at wealthy Affiliate truly doesn't warrant this achievement. I am glad to see that it has been remedied. I will keep my pace. And will work towards the Ambassador badge. I know that when I'm ready the badge will appear again.Thanks for relieving the pressure. Kevi
image by Pixabay.The question I asked myself a year ago. Have you ever asked yourself, "how can I make money online"? You know I saw Dr. Joyce Brothers on a television show some years ago. And she was asked, "is it alright to talk to yourself"? Doctor Joyce sat back in her chair and thought a minute and then replied, "Well, it is alright to speak to yourself, it is alright to answer yourself. The problem is that when you ask yourself a question and you answer "HUH"? Have you ever found yourself
July 05, 2017
Hello, Everyone, I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July. I don't know about you, but I welcomed a day off. I spent the day with my grandbabies. When asked what they wanted to do?. They excitedly said, "Let's go fishing PaPa." So we packed up the fishing gear and went to the Lake. My grandbabies are five years old, so after about an hour, I was hearing. "I'm tired." "I'm bored." "I'm hungry.'' Just like five-year-olds do. Mind you, we were catching fish. So I calmly asked if we could s
July 02, 2017
Hello everyone,Well, folks, I made it through year one. I started my premium membership July 1, 2016. Yesterday was my anniversary. I want to thank Kyle and Carson for their creation of Wealthy Affiliate. I want to thank Jay for his weekly training. And I want to thank everyone who has supported me my first year here. When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, I was in disbelief. The review I read written by Affiliate LouieLuc. Explained everything that I was looking for starting my online bus
Hello, everyone,Just received an email from WORDFENCE. There is another ransomware going global. Check out the information to protect yourself. for stopping by,Kevin
June 26, 2017
Hello, everyone,Do you want to learn how to be your own boss? I believe everyone dreams of working for themselves. Don't you agree? The problem is how do you go about it. That was the situation I was in some months ago. I knew if I wanted to get ahead I had to figure something out. I knew that working forty-plus hours a week for someone else's dreams wasn't going to help me achieve my goals. So I started my mission. I needed to find a business that I could start on a shoestring. I knew that I n
June 19, 2017
Ohio RiverAfter working ten hours today, I decided to take a ride my motorcycle along the Great Ohio River. Taking a break from my daily routine. You are looking at the Hoosier, State, across the river. And I am on the Kentucky side at one of the parks along the river. Just sitting taking a break and chilling. The temperature has finally calmed down from 90 degrees. It was a pleasant 79 degrees with a comfortable humidity.I sat on a picnic bench for an hour and just listened to the birds howli