Forming Real Estate Syndicate: Private Investors;

LLC Group Investment Programs;

Investment Circulars to Solict Investors;

R.E. Syndication Acquisition & Ownership of an Income-Producing property;

LLC for Real Estate Investment(s);

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DrReiCapital Premium
Maybe I misconstrued the question... which I thought were << Niche and Market Research >> these related questions are genuinely legal nomenclatures re Niche group - LLC Real Estate Investments. Future reference, I will not ask questions or make commentary that can/could be construed as advertising of services and jeopardize membership. I do sincerely apologize, it will not happen again. Respectfully, Clg
Triblu Premium
Making yourself clearly understood is important when asking a question. So, please don't refrain from asking questions because you cannot learn if you do not ask.
Triblu Premium
Hey Charlie,

Not exactly sure what your question is. Hope you're not trying to advertise your services here as that would be a violation of your membership.