Hi all, so I have just done some SEO research on a particular topic I am interested in pursuing, and my thought is to make my own digital products around this topic. It's an area I have expertise in. The search in Jaaxy turned up the following numbers:
Av search per month 910,
Traffic: 155
QSR: 36

So I am looking at these numbers and thinking they are pretty good-have not come across numbers like that the whole time I have been with WA for my topics of interest.

So my question is-should I make a brand new site around this (the domain is even available) or, should I stick with the older site which is still in the general topic I am talking about, but is fairly broad. With a new site I could really niche down. But, the old site has 5 years of authority...however, it's also a site I have barely touched, so traffic is nearly non existent.

So....what would you do?

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BrightSales Premium
How about making your old site alive again by creating your new niche down site and send traffic to your old one, since it already have the topic? An old site can be more valuable.
You wouldn't want to get rid of your old credit card just to get a new one. Your credit history history would suffer and your score would drop lower. The same applies to old sites friend. If it has years of authority, then it would be a gain to you if you link the new site to your old. All the best!
DValentine Premium
Hi Liz
Hanging a whole product on 1 keyword sounds a little risky - of the 36 sites in competition with you - how many of them offer a digital product? Have these competitors been in the niche longer than you have - if so, why are they not selling a digiprod (if they aren't).

Is there any chance of semantic linking here, so you build a safety net of keywords - just in case.

On the old site did you have Google Search Console installed - if so, what do the historic figures say - where did your traffic go on your site, what did they spend the most time reading/watching.

Is your new product a sync for the traffic your old site received and does it 'gel' with what your audience already read on your old site?

I think you have a little more research to do before you can safely answer your question.

Good luck
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks so much-this is good advice, and sensible. :)
countrylife Premium
If me I start a new focused niche site with the planning you have done and like Catherine said forward traffic form the established one to the new site in addition to the normal routing obtaining organic traffic. I would leave the authority site intact. But I hope you are updating it with new content, because my understanding it takes a long time effort and sweat to reach a 5 year old authority site. Let me know what you decide.
Wishing you a terrific day.
Wishing you continued success.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
if left to me both. I would create a product around the new site, Or more precisely put the sales page on the new site but send traffic to your product from the old.
BvVugt Premium
If your new topic is merely a niche down of your current content, I'd stick with the old site. You'd benefit from its age and the authority your current content already has. I suspect it will take you a lot less time to get new traffic to an older site than with a new one.

You could simply start filling your website with your niched down content and -if needed- rebuild some of your website step by step.