Hey, Not sure who to ask, by my Jaaxy account is not working correctly.
The Alphabet Soup section is not working at all...

Every single keyword or phrase I search is showing "Oh no, we did not find any keywords, please try another!"
The Keywords search seems to be working fine still...
Any ideas?

I have upgraded my account recently and am wondering if something has glitched or has bug etc...might be worth a geeze...

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LukeMoretti Premium Plus
Excellent team, thanks for the quick reply...
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You're very welcome.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

This has been reported i.e. Jaaxy Alphabet soup. Many members have been effected.

It is also not working here.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may use Alphabet Soup X (beta) instead.

You can access via the Apps Switcher icon top menu.


You may check out Kyle's webinar