Hi everyone !
Create a test version of my Website, is some thing that comes regularly in my mind, but I don't know if that will be useful and profitable to me and my audience.

So I come ahead with this question : will test version of my website be useful and profitable ? What are the cons and the particulars incidents on my business ?

I'll be happy to get answers from anyone. So just just go ahead and tell me what you think about it.



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LenkaSophie Premium
A test website is for testing, only for you. I have created a test site where I check things how they would look on my website. This way I'm sure that I don't mess up.
So it is not anything that would be or could be profitable. It's only for you as the author and admin of your websites.
Dale123 Premium Plus
A test website won't be useful to your audience... But it may be useful to you if ever you want to test anything before deploying it live onto your main site.